Making a Living off FI

  • Anybody doing this? Bit of a pipe dream but don't see why this couldn't be done if the platform takes off even further!

  • @NewUser184847 This has been discussed a few times on the forum. There are some people doing it, but it takes a pretty hefty initial investment. Then you either do a lot of trading, like @TradingJournal, or very little trading, like this guy:

  • Interesting - yesterday ive been trading for exactly one month. In that time ive invested bang on £5k and have a portfolio worth £5,444, so I think it's fesible. Ive reinvested all deposit bonus, PB and MB and think certainly as a handy second income it is doable.

  • @NewUser184847 Sounds like you've started very well! But bear in mind if you wanted that money today you'd have to take the instant sell spread and 2% sale commission off your profit. I certainly agree it's a nice tax-free secondary income, but personally I'd be constantly on edge if I was relying on it to pay the bills!

  • Thanks. Although there is always an element of luck attached I do feel ive worked out how to make decent progress now. I like buying talented out of form/favour players and waiting for them to hit form again. Struck gold recently with RLC and Morata. I guess like with any kind of trading, you dont know how healthy things are behind the scenes, which makes it a bit of a risk, but unleas things go tits up, I think there is good money to be made!

  • I had to leave my job a week ago. I have a £22k portfolio. I return around £2k a month average. Yes, it's doable and I will have to start withdrawing bits of money in another month, but I don't like it as I realise the more money I leave in whilst everything goes up the more I will build up. I feel unsafe though.

  • @NewUser184847

    I'd forget about any ideas you have of this being your main source of income.

    The profit you have made in the short time you have been here has most likely been due to natural growth from the deposit bonus (and a bit of skill).

    This chat topic pops up every few months or so, and nothing has changed in the 8 months I've been here. Just slow steady progress. I'm 7k invested with 3.7k profit.

    I'd recommend you just enjoy the platform as a fun, relatively low risk, way of making some extra cash to spend on the family.

    Best of luck.

  • @NewUser184847 there are a lot of people who are living off it and trading full time on FI. Its quite easy to do. I could easily live from my FI earnings. But I have another job in order to be able to make Every month a deposit and build my FI portfolio even further and keep my money growing while I sleep.

  • Massive respect to anyone who’s given up a decent job to trade with FI full time. My balls are not that big.

  • @ocs123 I haven't given up a decent job. I gave up a bad job haha. I'm finding a new job though.

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