Stats on some Index relevant players (from professional stats company)

  • Always interesting to see since these guys are now powering the transfer activities of big clubs (including PSG).

    Sancho looking incredibly impressive:


    Thorgan Hazard running hot (data excludes penalties):


    The extremities of the charts are the 95th percentile of players in that position in the top five leagues. So Sancho is top 5% for expected goals assisted of all attacking mids/wingers for example whilst Thorgan Hazard is in the top 55%.

  • Would be be good over a season.

    5 games for sancho is nowhere near long enough to see what he is like week in week out.

  • @Tom77 Yeah small sample disclaimer (5.4 90s) but that is elite for a player of any age. At 18 I think we can extrapolate clear world class potential from even that small sample.

  • @PB-man u sound overly optimistic!(english)
    data looks good though

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