Is it a record?

  • Toni Kroos scores 318pts after being on the pitch for just 73 minutes. Scoring just the 1 goal & not a GWG.

    So taking points for goals out of the equation, can any of the statisticians on here, please tell me if that's a record?

  • So even without his goal he racked up 278 points, absurd. Does anyone know how he did it?

  • passing a lot

  • @Keegan's-Bluff That's what I guessed. But whoscored has him as having made only 88 passes, which whilst very good is only mediocre for him.

    He did manage 2 assists, 4 crosses, 3 tackles, 3 shots, a goal, being on the winning side... It all adds up. And this is not a one off - he's just a very good PB player. And he seems to be getting a couple of shots off in games pretty regularly these days too - lack of goal threat often being the main draw back with players of his type.

  • right, i was being a little facetious - hadn't looked up the stats myself, so thanks.

    the great thing about Kroos is you know he will consistently get high PB scores, as he makes so many passes in a possession based team. He was already on a great score at Half Time, and then Real passed them to death with an extra 40 passes in the 2nd half (but 3% less possession funnily enough). His goal was just rubbing it in. I see his pass completion was 95% actually - so that's a bit higher than usual too.

  • @Keegan's-Bluff Against weak opposition, the way to do it

  • think he takes corners and free kicks too which i'm sure contribute to his score?.... He's the best none goalscoring PB player I don't hold (although he did score a cracker last night) and have looked at him for a while now but Real Madrid's form prior to Solari certainly put me off... Maybe now is a good time to get in for those that haven't with some winnable fixtures coming up??

  • Neymar scored 365 points in 82 minutes played so it's not a record.

  • @NewUser161299 said in Is it a record?:

    Neymar scored 365 points in 82 minutes played so it's not a record.

    I know the total is not a record. But minus the goal bonus points...... I wondered if it was a record point haul? 278pts in 73 minutes

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