Mason greenwood

  • Who is this guy? Will never even break into first team no doubt but up 88p today haha madness

  • He will drop near his ipo price when people become impatient at the end of the season when he hasn’t moved or stays in the reserves

  • proof that there's a lot of money to be earned off IPO's and you don't necessarily need to buy into a real footballer to make it!!!

    never heard of him either but regardless of whether he's any good or not under Mourinho he'll probably get at the very most 60 minutes of PB football over the next 3 years so not for me thanks!!!

    It makes me wonder 'WHO' is buying and 'WHY' these boys are being brought for so much on FI?

    I tend to stay away from IPO's (unless I really believe in a player having watched them) and this is proof to me why i should keep avoiding them!!! Somebody somewhere is making serious money from this but not me!!!!

  • @dannypea bots.

  • but what will the bots spend it on???

    surely on a crappy young player that nobody's heard of they won't just keep going and going??? If i paid £2 for some 17 year old who's never kicked a ball on a football stock market that works on media and performance I would need shooting???

    I may be the only one here who just doesn't get it.... But you may as well create the name 'BORIS JOHNSON' put him in Chelsea Youth Team, IPO him at £1.50 and watch his price rise!!!!

  • @dannypea It only takes £250 to get a 21p player into the risers, the rest will be history. There is a never ending supply of guns at the front door.

  • Players like this are the heartbeat of the index .... for FI. Generate commission with no dividends is great for them. If I was FI I would get as many of these guys IPOd as possible.

    Just need them to share the profits with us in the form of dividend rises.

  • @dannypea Agreed, makes about as much sense as the nutters who were buying Rooney a week ago because he's going to play one last England friendly?!!

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