How does media score high or low?

  • Hello Community. I have a question, something that I was just thinking of as I am learning more and more over these months of trading.

    I see the media performance ranking, and on each article there are scores. Some are higher, and some are lower.

    What makes a media article score higher, than another article?

  • the words used... so 'sexy' or 'great' or even 'fantastic' in an article will rank higher than 'rubbish' or 'pathetic' or 'sitter'

    So in effect... Messi could have scored 5 goals against a tough opponent who he made to look pathetic & rubbish including netting an absolute sitter for his hat-trick goal whilst Ronaldo's sexy wife looked great on a fantastic night out and the media dividend would go to... Ronaldo!!!

  • @dannypea hahahahhaha.....I am enlightened! Thank you.

  • @dannypea This is very accurate. Rubbish, sitter and pathetic ...for years i thought these were Sturridge's first names.

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