Welback as he reached the bottom

  • Thinking of buying some since his price went so low because of his injury last night. Anyone know a time period of how long he will be out for. Thoughts ?

  • @Rob it looked really serious, I think he will be out the season at least so you will be sitting on dead money for a long time plus even when he does come back hes not the type of player who will get loads of hype driving his price up.

  • I watched his price minutes after the injury and I saw people buying on the way down (100 at 96p etc) and I was thinking to myself "utter madness".
    Look at his age (recovery from injury takes longer as we get older), the number of games he was getting BEFORE the injury, his PB and MB potential and any other reasons to buy him other than "he's extremely cheap".

    I'd personally leave this one well alone!
    (I bought Oxlaide-Chamberlain a few weeks ago on a similar whim but when I read the extent of the injury/surgery/recovery process/mental scarring etc then I sold up a few days later at a loss - it was the right move, I'd made a bad trade from the off).

  • My rough guide to players is that the faster they are, the more likelihood of injuries through hamstrings and mistimed tackles. Then some are constant sicknotes. Think Sturridge. At the other end you've got slow players like Kroos who plod on regardless.

  • @Ollie insightful ;-)

  • You will no doubt make some profit if you are patient enough - his injury looks like he won't return until next season.

    Bear in mind that he will most likely be out of contract when he returns from injury - you will have to take a gamble on whether that is a good thing for his value or not.

  • Danny Wellbeck is injured.

    Discuss the frequency by which Danny Wellbeck gets injured over the amount of games played for Arsenal. Where his age is a constant and the expression he pulls when scoring a goal is ridiculous.

    You may use a protractor but NOT a copy of the Footballing North East Almanac - Gateshead edition.

    You have 30 minutes.

  • I'm more concerned with FI's ability of perpetually creating new users who ask the sort of questions that constantly test site humour. On the plus side, the stomach splitting exercises cancel out the need to go to gym.

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