Is the 10% bonus a good thing?

  • Here me out on this one, but every time there is a 10 % bonus the market initially goes up then people start taking there profits which is fair enough but then it has a knock on effect people see prices going down so they panic sell or stop investing because there's no confidence in the market and it grinds to a holt, then slowly ticks down until that slowly starts snow balling until FI responds, just chucking 10% at a problem ain't the Answer to maintain confidence in my opinion yes it's great to see players go up but surly put some effort into better ways of keeping people interested? I understand Fi is on a upward curve but maybe some better forward thinking is in order from the Brains at FI, I think clean sheet bonus would help any other ideas guys?

  • I’d like to see some stable growth in the market over the next few months without gimmicks.

    All these 10% bonuses (3 in the last 3 months) and G&A dividends could have been better spent on increasing normal dividends by say 20%, which would have prompted sustainable market growth.

  • I just think FI short term strategy could damage the potential increase in investors, soon the 10% bonus won't satisfy the masses and won't quick fix what is a growing but sometimes fragile market, let's concentrate on getting the numbers up first.

  • I just want to know if goal & assist dividends will be permanent or not, don't really want to invest anymore until then. I hope they are a permanent feature because it creates a market for a greater pool of player, they should also add a clean sheet bonus for defenders & keepers.

  • Yes, but with a caveat that there are other sustainable drivers to incentivise market growth. The G&A divs are a flawed attempt to drive the market. Seems to me that a share split and tiered PB would both offer more potential for sustainable growth.

  • Obviously 10% bonus is welcome policy. But shouldn’t be over used. It is a gimmick and should be used sparingly. I agree that policies and strategies should be put in place to create stable long term growth. Not cheap spikes. It’s like eating junk as opposed to a stable diet.

  • @ocs123 said in Is the 10% bonus a good thing?:

    I’d like to see some stable growth in the market over the next few months without gimmicks.

    All these 10% bonuses (3 in the last 3 months) and G&A dividends could have been better spent on increasing normal dividends by say 20%, which would have prompted sustainable market growth.

    20% is insufficient - Membership, Trade and Player Values have all grown by significantly more than this figure since any previous rise in dividends.
    In principle the dividend structure had worked well, but FI flipped the script drastically with the concept of only recent buys qualifying for the award.
    I suspect that's here to stay and boost trade...most of us have experienced a benefit to 'patience through volatility'.

    Are we likely to get a transparent budget at any point.
    Would be nice.
    I'm content if the bulk is spent on expansion into new territories, legal, marketing, dev (interdisciplinary teams).
    A board and salaries is so last century.
    So I kinda expected a few more trivial 10% deposit bonuses and farcical "Dividends that apply to recent purchases" (An act of faith is required because no one is earning enough 2p wins to warrant the time it takes to do anything scientific).

    We have a CEO.
    Now we have a board of directors.
    It's vital at this stage that the next HR cost is technical, functional, efficient core teams, specialists suited to the various tasking required to maintain global dev and exponential growth.

    Then we might have more reasonable expectation of tangible dividend increase as opposed to merry go round trading that will...of course stall, as recently evident.

    Daily Media Div
    1st - 5p
    2nd - 4p
    3rd - 3p
    4th - 2p
    5th - 1p

    Match day div
    Forward 10p
    Mid 10p
    Def/Gk 10p
    Goal 2p
    Clean Sheet (Def/Gk) 1p

    No more single , double, treble match days.
    Maintain Treble media days

    That's a tangible increase, it's more diverse, it's simple.

    C Arroyo

  • I see the 10% bonus as a welcome effort to encourage long term investors to add extra cash & support the platform going forward. Who doesn't want "free money"?

    I will add funds with the extra bonus of a 10% safety net for any price dips without it I will keep my funds stable. Announce one every 2/3 months & I will find more money to add - simples.

  • @NewUser113548 Yeah, I agree. I think dividends should be raised a lot. It feels petty, the returns being offered at the moment and my portfolio has stalled for some time now. They have mentioned they have no plans to increase dividends however. At the Trader Meet they also only mentioned Nasdaq and expanding to other countries. That was all, so they aren't giving away much at all. I shall try to keep as much money stuck in as possible at the moment however will slowly start withdrawing some as at the moment I am struggling financially.

  • @HappyLarry59855

    Try to keep it in mate, wasn't long ago Mbappe was £4.
    I think the key to this being a good long term investment is global growth.
    "Onwards & Upwards".
    My concern with dividends is only that they appear increasingly petty when compared to increasing player values. I look at dividends as a bonus.
    However when we look we see perceive less and less incentive (particularly new members), so they should always be weighted against player values in order to serve that purpose.
    On that basis 2p and 0.5p is actually counter-productive.
    That's my claim after observing recent morale among investors using the forum, which has been noted by new investors in turn.

    Who's idea was 0.5 ?
    That may have been with sincere and good intent.

    I can't say the same for divs for recent buys or 10% bonuses.
    Not without a transparent budget.
    Even without one I'm going to "bet" Townsend was overpriced :p

  • @NewUser113548 I am trying to keep it in. I need £800 a month though at the moment so will take that out 1 month from now as am jobless and have been 1 week. Still on average my portfolio increases £2k a month, so still should go up £1.2k each month anyway even with £800 withdrawals. I'm praying for a dividend increase soon though, as that will make my portfolio shoot up and other's will probably be very happy aswell.

  • All i want is for them to either overhaul that truly awful beta site or scrap it. People have given feedback for weeks and yet they do nothing. Considering it is apparently taking the place of the well run, snazzy, colourful and looked after website, they dont seem to be giving too many fucks how shit it currently looks and is

  • I missed the last 10percent bonus.... I actually couldn't be bothered with it!!! I know they'll be another one soon... Wonder how many other people will start to think like this???

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