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  • Im fairly new to FI and my initial deposit was just £100 which i thought was quite alot having only spent the odd tenner on betting on a saturday afternoon. Having been doing steadily ok i realise that to make any real money im going to have to up my investment. I have been trying to get mates n family to get involved and was wondering what people think is the minimum deposit amount in order to start seeing decent returns?

  • @Andy-Barra I have £21.5k in this. It returns a £2k average each month. I don't know how long that's going to continue for however.

  • Wow. I have a bit to go to get 21.5k in but what a return that is. My aim is to.get 2k invested in next 6 months n see where that takes me

  • @Andy-Barra The last month hasn't been good though. October 17th my portfolio was £23,750. I took £1.2k out for personal reasons, leaving that at £22,550. Portfolio is now £21,650. I have lost £900 because of the goals and assists dividends being brought in even after this recent 10% deposit bonus. I am keeping the faith however.

  • More money in the bigger the swings i guess. If i can get 2k in and return around 200 a month average id be over the moon. When u first started what was your initial deposit? Not many people can afford to throw a couple of grand into it straight away. I guess patience is the key

  • @Andy-Barra Throw is the word. Money you can afford to lose. I would advise not to borrow if it would cause stress down the line.

  • Im seeing it more like a savings pot that will hopefully grow at a better rate than a bank could ever give. Much less risk

  • Similar position for me, would only spend the odd fiver here and there on an ACCA. I deposited £50 at first and got a £30 bonus so I have £80 to invest. Been a member almost one week and although my portfolio has grown it's obviously not life changing money.

    I'm going to keep going and once I get more confident in it and myself then I will put some more in.

    I'll never have a 21k portfolio I shouldn't think but if I could be making £100-200 a month profit then it would be a nice little extra and a much better return than a savings account

  • Hi, I’ve been started just over a week, £600 in to date and after an initial splurge on players I’m just happy to sit back and watch for a bit now, gather knowledge and just learn as much as possible. For me also it was just money in the bank doing nothing, would love to see it grow.

  • @Andy-Barra £12k was in it on March 25th. Past bit of time hasn't been good though. I'm getting fed up and don't know where the future of this thing is going.

  • @HappyLarry59855 said in Initial investment:

    @Andy-Barra £12k was in it on March 25th. Past bit of time hasn't been good though. I'm getting fed up and don't know where the future of this thing is going.

    Just look back at player graphs 6 months-1year ago. Most have gone up a lot.

  • @Tom77 I do. It's true, a lot of player prices have gone up a lot over this period. However this was when dividends return was classed as good. Now you have to look at the fact dividends haven't changed and yet Pogba, Hazard and Mbappe are 3x more money. The dividends are now less and so why would people bother to keep chucking in lots of money for little return?

  • I put in £150 and currently sitting on over 16% growth post commission.

    Not life changing by any stretch, but as has been said better than any bank.

  • @Murph Just remember is your 16% at buy price or IS price? I base mine on worst case scenario which is IS -2%, once I get above this figure I count this as where I stand. Also there is the bonus of dividends to account for.

  • @Weedster my 16% is at but price. Due to work and family commitments there’s no way I can spend enough time on the index to react fast enough to IS if a player has a quick peak.

    I have never IS any futures (apart from when I first started on here and was learning the ropes) so I don’t feel the need to take it into account

  • @Murph If a player is nearing his peak that is not the time to IS but to put him in the sale queue as people are still buying him. I've only used IS twice. Once when I first started and panicked selling all my Frenkie De Jongs which in hindsight I shouldn't have done(Sold at 3.07 now 3.31). The other was CR7 which I don't regret. I still made profit on both though. Now I would only use it in the case of a CR7 situation or similar(injury etc.) or on a player who I feel is stagnating and there is little to no loss.

  • @Murph thats pretty good i set my account july never putt anything in . last 10 weeks i have put £10 a week in and have deposited £100 now and how £96.19 squad and worth £98.44 so im £1.66 down plus 2% if they sold and my quick sell return would be close to £82 . loving it but hard.
    Good luck mate im hoping to break even by xmas and push on next year.

  • @Smuggs did you not get a couple of deposit bonuses and some dividends which all counts towards your standing?

  • @Weedster no i set it up in july my first deposit was 10 weeks ago nothing yet. and i filled my details 2 weeks a think and put £10 in but never had my £1 lol.
    I heard people saying they haveput £50 and got £30 bonus. i messed up to be fair should set a new one up saved for 10 weeks

  • @Andy-Barra - I started with £50 and then ramped up to £2k over the next 3 months. Learnt a lot, made mistakes, learnt some more - then felt comfortable enough to increase to a significant investment.

    I carried out a few experiments - which i tracked everything in Excel - to see where the biggest returns were, and clearly defined what was 'investment' versus what was a pure gamble.

    Some of the gambles gave me 50-100% increases, others resulted in 20% declines - but many of which i patiently waited out, so sell once back in the green.

    I read everything on this forum, some of it is incredibly useful and will set you in the right direction. But you will need to pick through a lot of waffle to find it.

    The advice that i would give anyone starting out, is to have a plan. Think about whether or not you are looking to build a long term portfolio for future dividends, or if you want a return now. Instant returns cost - Messi, Pogba etc.

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