Double dividends

  • On the Wednesday the 1st of November performance dividends doubles right? So the 2nd group of the champions league and europa league are eligible for the start of double dividends but the champions league games on the Tuesday the 31st of October are not. Doesn't really seem fair and like you haven't really properly thought it out. I know this is only one day but it will have a massive impact on player prices. Just another reason I have no confidence in the running of the football index thank you

  • @NewUser51524
    good point. i see what you mean. i know its different but sun dreamteam start a new week from a friday morning. starting a new concept on a weds morning is silly considering the points you have raised.

  • @NewUser51524 such a bad assumption. FI had to define one day and it seems legitimate to me to take the first day of a month. Otherwise I could argue why didnt you expect from FI to introduce this dividends for all games in October? Why only from the 31.10?

    Why does working contracts almost always start on the first day of each month? Why not on 23?

  • I'm more than happy to point out errors by FI but this isn't one.

    They have to draw the line somewhere. Regardless of where this is they wont please all.

  • If your making a good assumption why did performance buzz start on the 19th of August,?
    Not the 1st of August or even the 1st of September? In round 4 of the champions league half the teams will miss out on double dividends and yeah I am making a good assumption considering the market has been messed about with for the last 3 months and have futures in atletico, bayern, psg and man u players. I will voice my disapproval

  • @NewUser51524 because the 19. August was the start of the german bundesliga. So there is an explanation for this date. But lets assume your assumption is right, so why does FI not wait till the end of the world cup next year to implement this? Why should they give free money from november???

  • Not really bothered by it either and can't see it's going to have a 'massive impact' on player prices. In fact, the double dividend rates have most likely been already factored in to current prices in preparation for the 1st.

  • i think think this is pretty trivial in the scheme of things - it's unlikely to impact pricces

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