How many players have you unashamedly plugged on the forum ?

  • I'll start as I'm already here. About 12 foreign league players all at once when the first CL fixtures were played. I was so ashamed of how pathetic it must have looked, that I sold them immediately the next day. I have deliberately refrained from naming them today as I no longer own them, and will never ever do it again.

    Repeats count extra.

    The Ferret is obviously excluded, so the answer is:

    12 (and not 13)

  • Is this going to end as another "Cheap Players" thread?

    And plenty, too many to admit!

  • Loads!! :-)

    But I've also found some real gems amid the obscure shite other traders plug on here!

    I've never had a problem with pumping - the onus is on the lurkers to do their research properly before piling on

    Pumping and dumping on the other hand I've got no time for - it's cynical and likely to alienate any traders who fall for it

  • @Lukeroro Well it will probably end the first time someone says nobody, obviously after all their posts have been through a god almighty stewards inquiry and double-checked for edits and tone-downs.

  • Would be a statement to come out and say "Noone. Ever!" Statement and a half.

    I'd enjoy hearing @johnboywalker on this but I think he retired from FI.

  • I have pumped which I think is fine but I have never pumped and dumped. As Dave C said its up to people to do research, its not hard to find out if someone is pumping a total lemon.

  • I'm always a pumpin' when i should be a dumpin' and vice versa and which is why i lost my job on the oil rig and i'm not allowed to use the toilets at my new job.

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