Which of the big guns to go for?

  • I recently just made a great profit on a mid range squad player and want to reinvest in one of the big guns... who do you suggest is the man?? (Not only because you have futures in him ;)

  • Bale. He has had a poor start to the season, as have most of the Real Madrid squad, but is due his customary mid-season super form now that the RM squad has been revitalised by Solari coming in.

    At sub £7 he's nicely positioned to catch up with the top boys on £10+ when he begins to threaten the top of the PB charts week-in, week-out. This in turn will generate plenty of Media Buzz...

    Yes I hold Bale, but I also hold other players in similar categories on the index including his team mate Asensio. I intend to hold them both long term so this isn't "pump and dump"

  • Ronaldo. Wins so many MB. The rape allegation is a concern but I think worth the risk.

  • Think there is more value in Sterling to.

  • I dunno, I heard Ronaldo has got the touch of a rapist... sorry, couldn’t resist ;) Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated. Just to clarify though, when I say ‘big guns’ I mean players in the top 100 let’s say so not just the double barrelled automatic machine guns!

  • @NewUser157530 in that case Bentancur. He's the heartbeat of an excellent Juve midfield, young, and underpriced at sub £3!!

  • @NewUser157530 yeah, big guns on FI mean ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, pogba, hazard etc. So you mean mean middle hitters I’m guessing. There lots of candidates. You want ideally to go for someone that could one day be a big gun, £15+ player. So u want to be going for strikers, wingers. I’d say Dybala could be one day get there. Vinicius potentially. O dembele. Possibly ascensio. But have a look into it and read articles on google about next big talent. ;)

  • Toni Kroos. Scores great PB and plays most games to.

  • Harry Kane still under £9 recent PB and MB winner England captain possible transfer to Madrid , Ronaldo always in the media and still a fantastic player by the way I hold neither but really wish I did !

  • @NewUser172727 said in Which of the big guns to go for?:

    Harry Kane still under £9 recent PB and MB winner England captain possible transfer to Madrid , Ronaldo always in the media and still a fantastic player by the way I hold neither but really wish I did !

    Opposite ends of the spectrum there in terms of high price players.

    Kane I see as a very low risk player. Nice age, will get the odd MB win and the odd PB win as he often gets goals in clumps. Unless he has a transfer saga , not going to return massively and capital gains wise will probably just follow the index. Bit of a boring hold really but the numbers say he is decent value.

    Ronnie has delivered spectacular results. But is a serious risk. Really a player pushing 34 shouldn't be that price based on economic depreciation logic, holders are banking on getting rid before the age causes a crash. Not everyone will eb able to. Opposite of Kane. Definitely not boring and safe but very lucrative if it works out.

  • My ‘big hitters’ are Messi, Hazard, Pogba and Salah. Currently got Salah up for sale as I can’t see him hitting anywhere near the heights of last season. Pogba and Hazard are worth holding long term for PB and the inevitable transfer sagas.

    I don’t think I’ll hold Messi for much longer. Getting on in age and I can see a steady drop in his price from next season (assuming no future split etc).

    I have a mixed bag of medium investment players but they tend to be goal scorers so I’m going to hold for now despite a few reds

  • @Murph Salah is an interesting one, I've had him for sale and withdrawn as Liverpool are playing Fulham today and there's a good chance he'll bag a few. He's then got Tunisia and UAE games with the national team and he's the heart of everything attacking so again, good chance of goals. I agree he may not reach the same heights as last season but I'm biding my time before getting rid. I would have thought Messi would be a bigger risk due to age, and stars coming to replace him on the world stage?

  • @NewUser168431 yeah I was considering cancelling his sale, but I’ve made my decision and I’m sticking with it. There may well be a few goals in the offing, but on the other hand if he’s not got his shooting boots on he could also drop.

    Agree with Messi - I’ll see what price he’s at around Christmas and may consider selling as I’m expecting another deposit bonus around Christmas time which may well give an extra boost in his value

  • @NewUser157530 gotta day it’s pogba and hazard. Hazard has dropped a bit lately might b a good time to get on board but can’t say he won’t fall a bit more after todays performance

  • @Murph I think Messi is far from finished. He is 31 and Ronald almost 34. He is a hard working pro like ronaldo who will stay fit. Could have 3-4 years of top quality left in him. Possibly more.

  • @NewUser157530
    Big guns to heat up: Bale as under performing ATM but he always comes back up in performance. Messi will be Messi now he is back with 2 goals already.

    Big guns smoking hot: Sterling, Martial, Mbappe catch them while you can cos they will be growing for years to come

    Hazard is a beast now and Sancho is fire but he is new on the block with a high ticket. Will see if these two last.

  • Kevin De Bruyne has dipped quite a lot due to his injury, leaving him a nice margin for growth on his return (rumoured to be returning earlier than expected).

    Looks like City are going to be tearing everyone apart this season and De Bruyne is sure to be at the heart of it all.

  • Pogba, Sterling, Martial, hazard, Sancho.

    I think these are the ones that are ‘trending’ mostly this season so far.

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