Best FI data package

  • I was wondering if anyone who has experience of using both Edge and Indexgain's data subscriptions could advise on the Pros and Cons of both, and which ones they prefer?

    I've used Noir4X's product in the past and used Indexgain's data whilst it was free. I wanted to continue with it when they went premium but pricing structure seems a bit steep. Thought the product was great but do people think it is worth an extra £30 per year compared to Edge's product?

  • i haven't used Edge, but I think it's pretty easy to get more than your value back from IndexGain. It's range of market moves and PB research makes it indispensable for me.

  • I think IndexGain's mobile research thing is brilliant. I used to have Edge subscription and wasn't a fan of it taking ages to update.

    I think IndexGain website reports update every morning so data is always as new as it can be.

  • Cheers for responses. I'm led to believe that Edge's data is updated daily, also.

    Both packages look pretty similar overall, although did find IndexGain's mobile stuff useful and convenient when it was free.

    May just try both for a month and see which I find more useful.

  • @NewUser150352 - Personally i use Noirx's data - and if comfortable using PowerBI in conjunction, then its awesome data.

    Totally depends on what your plan is for your portfolio to be honest...

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