Will goal / assists divs be extended?

  • What do you think? Will it be extended? It’s creating a bit of uncertainty on what I should do next in terms of buying attacking players who chip in with goals.

  • I hope so, I'm doing rather well out of it.! And I like the extra interest it gives during matches.

  • Question on this. Is it only paid on top 5 leagues or if I have a player for say a Turkish Premier league team who scores a league goal does that get paid?

    Also if I have a premier League player who scored today and I sell my shares in him, do I still get the dividend or do I have to keep the shares for the whole month?

  • After the initial furore when they were introduced I think people have adapted to them and a lot will see it as a welcome boost. i really think it was aimed at trying to get a new way of thinking into punters as there are obviously a lot of people who have been in since the start sitting on say hundreds of Neymar shares that were quite happily collecting mb/pb dividends meanwhile watching the price steadily rise. It must chew a little bit to have say a 1000 Neymar and get nothing extra if he scores a goal? Small change I suppose and probably not enough of an incentive to sell and rebuy. I'm still unsure myself about it all.

  • @NewUser197355

    Payouts and Holding: You will be credited at the end of the month when you qualify for a G&A dividend. You must hold the share until midnight on the day of the goal or assist to earn dividends. You are then free to sell them after midnight if you wish

    Leagues: As per the regular match day dividends the qualifying leagues are; Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, UCL and UEL Additionally UEFA Nations League will qualify for G&A divs during the international break (on top of the treble media)

  • I don't know what will happen with it. The thing itself doesn't make much difference to me. The way traders reacted to it however completely rocked my portfolio. I'm close to a grand down with my portfolio since October 16th and now. We shall see. I'm curious to see where the platform goes next as I think players are at their max now. Why would anyone buy a £15 Messi? I see no sense in it.

  • @Weedster thanks for that. Had an EPL goal today for my first dividend. Appreciate the explanation

  • @Weedster with a share split in mind? Grab as many as you can now?

  • @Rob At £15+ a shot it's easier said than done :)

  • I hope so, it adds another market for players that previously had little value. I will refrain from buying more players until I know if it will be permanent or not as I still think there are some extremely undervalued players. Think the dividends should be higher though as well as introducing a clean sheet/save bonus.

    Goals- Forward £0.03, Mids £0.04, Defenders £0.05. Hat-Trick - Extra £0.03.
    Assists - £0.02
    Clean Sheet- Mids £0.01, Defenders £0.02, Keepers £0.04
    Keepers -£0.01 per 4 saves or something like that plus £0.05 for penalty saves.

    Maybe I'm asking for too much but I still think they are reasonable numbers.

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