Roberto Firmino Price Analysis For Newbies And Experienced Traders

  • Ok so here is some analysis.

    Start of season price on 1st August £3.34
    Current Price £4.51
    £1.15 price increase

    Here are this PB scores from his last game going back to the start of the season.


    Not exactly great PB scores?

    2 champ leaugue goals. One against PSG and one against FKCZ
    2 prem goals against spurs and leicester

    Won one best forward 24th October vs Red Star Belgrade.

    He won media 15th and 18th September

    So can anyone explain why such a high price rise considering not in the news that much, his PB is poor? Maybe as he plays for Liverpool and hyped up? More money being pumped into FI? English team?

    I'm using this exercise to try and find out the reasons on growth.

  • Would love you guys to explain your opinions on the rise to try and educate myself. I’m going to look at about 20 players so we can try and work out reasons for the rises and spot patterns.

  • I would his price has risen in that time period because the overall market has risen.. Not really based on his performances - he hasn't played great football this season so far.

  • I’d imagine it’s because people are hoping the Liverpool forwards will regain their form of last season and get lots of goals. Can’t see it happening personally

  • Liverpool are playing differently this season. Last year klopp knew his keepers were shit so went for the 4-2 over a 2 nil win. now he has a better gk and defence( minus red star performance). He is more risk averse now. No one can be man city and keep clean sheets winning by 5 or 6 every week. Not even barca. So i agree he may be over priced. He wont hit 27 this year for sure

  • Teams are defending deeper against pool this year also so the counter attack that they did every game it seemed has been diluted quite a lot especially affecting Salah.

  • Good premier league players have risen with the index in general for no obvious reason in index terms. Look at sane, think he is still on nil points dividend wise.

  • @mike778 he did get 2p for scoring a few weeks ago lol

  • @mike778 Think with Sane, as with a lot of players, he's young, exciting and has potential to do great things, hence his price which is high based on current mb/pb

  • Firmino is the sort of player who will return poor PB scores for nine weeks and then suddenly knock in two goals against a mid-table team and return a 200+ PB. I don’t hold him as I think there are better options for this sort of forward, but he’s not a bad shout. Has nabbed a bit of MB in the past as well, such as when he injured his eye.

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