How much money is needed, to raise a £5 per share player into a £6 per share player?

  • Hello All of FI forum.

    Curious about how much money invested into a player, to raise say from £5 a share to £6.

    If anyone has worked out the mechanic, it would be amazing.

    Such as knowing how much investment it takes, when a low stake player at £1 a share to jump to £2. Or King Neymar £15 to £16.

    Also can help impatient folk like me be more patient!

  • @Clover

    We've been told by FI that the rule of thumb a purchase of 100 shares will increase the price by 1p. So to use your example, 100 shares at each price point between £5 and £6 works out as £5.50 (price midpoint) x 100 (amount of shares at each price) x 100 (amount of price points between £5 and £6) = £55,000.

  • @NewUser72405 Amazing. Thanks for the maths! That is a very attractive as an investor.
    I have noticed since I joined, to get into the top 200 Players in terms of £. The minimum value was about £1.30 if I am remember correctly. Now it is about £2.30 which is incredible growth.
    If we have crossed the 200k users number, that means the platform will have doubled in about 10 months. To think it took over 2 years to hit the first 100k.

    We are in a great spot so now I will definitely be patient.

  • @Clover the users double every 10 month approximately. I expect that FI has 500.000 users by the end of next year. There is only one way and thats up. Onwards and upwards!!!!!

  • @NewUser38991 Woohoo! Get the time machine!

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