Memphis Depay

  • What are everyone’s opinions on him?(currently at £4.08).

    I have just been drawn to him following his 2 goals and saw great value. I noticed he has dipped from around £4.70 at the start of the season, I’m pretty confident he can at least recover back to that value pretty soon.

    He’s still young, gets decent numbers, potential headline regular (possible Pogba mk II) , starting to perform consistently for Holland and I’m sure will be linked with many top clubs towards the end of the season.

    I know he fell out of favour at Lyon earlier in the season but I can’t see that being long term.

    I’ll be honest I have just added him to my portfolio - not trying a sly pump here, just genuinely interested in opinions.

  • Pluses are last year he scored so much pb it was unreal. Don't quote me but I think it was around the 80p mark. he started slow last season too but as the season wore on he came in so strong. Also with Fekir looking for a move he could well become the main man for Lyon or could possibly transfer himself with recent disgruntlement of being left on the bench along with the glimmer of hope that Man Utd have first refusal on any future transfer on him. And he is well young and currently in great form based on today.

    Against him are he is up against Fekir and Traore for PB but he also was last year too and still came out good although Fekir was out for a few months. One thing that I'm confused about is today he scored 2 goals including gwg and 2 assists but only got a score of 182. Last season that would have got him close to 300pts. Can someone chime in and confirm is this because Lyon have changed their formation which has impacted his PB or that he was just not in today's game much against Guinchamp bar those contributions?

    You are right, his price has dropped a bit and with some general uplift of market / hot form / transfer spec / fekir, traore injury he will rise. Worth a purchase in my opinion. I've held him for a long time and will continue to do so.

  • very close! 72p

  • @Mr-Matt Yes, don't get that myself, he got booked but also got he gwg so you would have thought he'd score a lot higher???

  • @Weedster I think he gave the ball away a lot and also committed quite a few fouls. Does look a strange score all things considered.

    I definitely saw enough to get in on him though, hoping he can hit the heights of last season again

  • @Wilba yep I like Lyon and they have imo a few players that look good. Only hold Depay and Ndombele so far though.

  • @Wilba The problem is he's untouchable with regards to a transfer. Terrible attitude tendency to run down blind alleys and a stupid name. Testimony to how bad the Dutch national team are that he's even considered. He will score goals in Ligue 1 but it'll only ever be in Ligue 1.

    Having said that i reckon i could have bagged a hat-trick against Guingamp and i haven't even IPO'ed yet.

  • @Ellisandro from a FI perspective that’s fine by me, keeping him scoring goals in that league. I’m a united fan and I don’t particularly rate him after his time with us but I think he will score well in that league

  • @Weedster agree, ndombele looks a great player. Sold a few weeks ago as I hit a good profit but I think he’s got big move in him

  • does anyone know why Traore's price dropped so much yesterday? Injury? I see he wasn't in the starting line up or bench yesterday

  • @Mr-Matt he's fallen out with the manager or something. News story was shared on IndexGain recently.

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