Players between £2 - £3

  • Anyone you would recommend taking a closer look at and give a valid reason.

  • Tanguy ndombele.
    Purely because I hold!!😁 oh and he's decent and will move to a bigger club!!

  • Rachel Riley, but can't think of a reason.

  • @Rob Bentancur. Starts for Juve in midfield. All players similar to him are £3+

  • @Rob 1. Timothy Weah, 2. Ismaila Sarr, 3. Moussa Diaby, 4. Bertrand Traore, 5. Jonathon Bamba, 6. Julian Brandt, 7. Maxi Gomez, 8. Fabian Ruiz, 9. Rodrigo Hernandez, 10. Brais Mendez, 11. Wylan Cyprien. Numbered but for no particular reason. All these players are likely to improve, are young, and mostly play for smaller clubs so will probably get transfer links in January and the Summer.

  • @HappyLarry59855 and no. 2,4,5 are looking to be really good deals atm cos they dropped about 20p each on share!

  • @Mundek Yes, fingers crossed. I need a bit of movement in my portfolio in the right direction.

  • Andre Silva - 7 goals in La Liga, 2 goals in Nation League, won PB, CL ... Lost his form and dropped from 340p to 290ish in 4weeks so IMO good time to buy cos in a matter of time he will be bck scoring goals again!

  • Piatek is £3.27. Was Europe’s top scorer with blazing start to the season, but hasn’t scored in his last few games and so ppl thrown him in the wagger. He’s dropped almost a £1. That hurts 😤 ppl are fickle. A couple of goals and he will be Europe’s sweetheart again.

  • Also Rooney is a good shout. He loves his hair implants so much he’s taken hormones to go through puberty again. He will be charging through defences like a spotty teen again. Read it on the internet- so it must be true.

  • @NewUser50555 bentancur seems like a talented young player. But my problem with him is his ceiling price. The best he can hope to be in Luca modric, who plays in the same position and voted best player in the world. And he’s already 40p more expensive than modric. On that basis he’s overpriced and not a good investment.

  • @Valhalla Far far far too early in his career for you to make a sweeping statement like this. Also considering Modric is about 10 years older than him i think you are comparing him to the wrong man. I'd be more inclined to compare him to Arthur at Barca, who currently sits at £3,23 and to me doesn't look as much of a goal threat as Bentancur.

  • @NewUser50555 bentancur is younger, agreed. But central midfielders are unsexy with regards to MB and don’t score enough goals to win them PB. But why would you want to buy a player with such a low ceiling price as £3? Wouldn’t it better to look for a player that could reach £16 + and increase your money ten fold?

  • @Valhalla could you put example of player in range 2£ - 3£ who will reach 16£+ mate ?!

  • Shaqiri is good value at £2.64.

    He’s been around a while but is still somehow only 27 and I think has another level in him.

    Is benefitting from playing in an ultra attacking/dominant team and is starting to show a level of consistency we’ve not really seen at his previous clubs (albeit still early days).

    He should also have less competition for appearances now with Sturridge about to get a lengthy ban/possible contract termination.

  • @Mundek well that’s the holy grail. 😉 Every single future FI star past and present had to start off cheap. Its a matter of spotting the next big thing. And for that u will need luck and research. I think Justin kluivert who is £2 something has the potential to go big. He has skill and raw pace. But then again he might be another flop like Walcott, who is all pace and no end product. I’m hoping that Rashford doesn’t turn out the same. Only the future will tell. Thats the beauty of FI- if u get a player early- you can earn ALOT of money. There are future stars of FI right now in the £2-£3 bracket and cheaper. Just gotta pick out the diamond from the rubbish 😉

  • @Valhalla Yep.

  • Lookman has had a mini surge still well in under £3. In fact he is still cheaper than Mason Greenwood!

  • Noticed Gnabry has taken a bit of a dive, now 2.21.

  • Agree on Fabian Ruiz - he has great PB potential and is starting regularly now, also Ismaila Sarr who is good for Jan transfer gossip.

    I’d add 3 young players around £2 who I’d say have potential for big growth.

    Lorenzo Pellegrini - nailed for Roma now, good PB, PL transfer links , 22

    Cunha - 19 yr old Brazilian, getting games and scoring for Leipzig who look like doing well this year.

    Marcus Thuram - 21, son of Liliane, named after a political activist, read some rave reviews of him, scored a brace at the weekend (5 goals in 8 now) so on the up. At guingamp but don’t think he will be there for long.

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