Wayne Rooney testimonial match coming Thursday

  • Will he start or just come off the bench? What will his price peak at (currently 93p)?

  • It's already been confirmed he's not going to start. He isn't eligible for MB, and a lot of people are going to get dumped on and left with a worthless asset. Avoid.

  • @NewUser159387 Read will come off bench. But wish he could get the full 90.

  • @Keegan's-Bluff

    All true but there will be wall to wall media coverage & some wild speculation over the coming few days; short term loan deals to EPL to either kick start goals & creativity such as Soton/Fulham/Newcastle/Palace or injury cover for the likes of Welbeck/Siggurdsson. All might be baseless & impossibly hard to believe but it won't stop them happening & probably resulting in his price rising (has already ticked up in anticipation) this may be illogical but making short term profitable trades on FI involves identifying trends & jumping on early. This story will gain it's own momentum & so will his price, just look at his graph for the last month based just on the announcement - 125p is not far away.

  • It’s not impossible for Rooney to reach above £2 with all the rumours flying around in the papers. If he gets to that price then will win MB on a number of occasions IMO.

  • @TeamGB for him to get into the top 200 over 10,200 futures need to be bought in a player who plays in a none PB league and wont return a single dividend. Why would people buy?

  • @Wilba agree wat a crazy buy it would be!

  • Rooney is on the bench, will prob come on for Kane and will take the armband before being carried off by John Stones & Harry Maguire who'll probably drop him but regardless it shouldn't make a difference to his price because he can't win PB won't win MB and as a hold any longer than 3 days he's a bad bad investment.

    On occasions like this I often think 'opening up' MB to everyone other than the small market that dominates would increase the opportunity for a more even spread to win it.. As mentioned the Welbeck injury last week might have provided his holders a chance for MB as it was much more important than Paul Pogba's latest sneeze... Wazza's return this week will be all over the papers in this country but will count for nothing as Ronaldo wraps up another win just for being on the same pitch as Gonzalo Higuain yesterday!!!

    Tips for this week will again be Ronaldo, Pogba, maybe Kane & Sterling whilst I advise you ALL to avoid Wayne Rooney!!!

  • It doesn’t matter if he’s a bad buy or not. If people are buying in any case then it’s an opportunity to make a short term profit.

  • i think he will end up in asia (egypt possibly)

  • His price is flying and I'm on.

  • @Allams-Out said in Wayne Rooney testimonial match coming Thursday:

    His price is flying

    Just shows the power of FI - 93p when I posted yesterday now 131p & topping risers list WOW.

  • Insane price rise

    I'd still fully agree with @dannypea for anyone who hasn't invested - avoid from this point onwards.

    If you have made a profit - sell now before it's too late, he will have a sudden fall back down to around £0.60 and there is just as much chance it will come before a ball has been kicked.

  • Bottom has dropped out quicker than it flew.

    I'm off work so was able to keep a close watch and cash out for profit.

    Though my old man came round to pick up my daughter at the critical moment and I lost out on about 5p a future...

    I would never dabble in these things if I can't watch it like a hawk.

  • @Allams-Out To be honest that’s a factually incorrect statement you’ve made. You have no idea when the price will go up or down so don’t understand how you can say you know for certain when the price tops or bottoms out? Please explain if you do know.

  • @TeamGB

    What I mean was for me it's a good time to get out once I see a relatively large and rapid price drop.

    There may be further waves of buying if people want to risk it but 1.34 may be the max price imo.

    I'll just take the money and run.

  • Going to be a massive drop way before Thursday

  • In fact I'm interested to see if there's a bounce from the lunch time trade.

  • @NewUser159387 I'm not saying he won't get Media, I'm saying he won't get into the Top 200 to qualify for MB, so won't win any. Traders are currently playing a game of chicken employing Greater Fool Theory, and more inexperienced traders will get burnt. Again, I'd advise not being one of them.

  • This is complete madness - Correct me if I am wrong:

    Will not play in any match that qualifies for dividends

    Needs price to go up a further £1 to qualify for media buzz

    Has said he will not play for any European team in the MLS off season

    So using what logic is anybody buying him for -cannot wait to watch the panic selling begin :)

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