F I Need to show some clear leadership now

  • With an international break with just a few nations league games counting for G & A before fixtures return from Friday 23rd November there is the potential for significant falls in the values of players as traders fear the uncertainty of the dividend value of players from December onwards.

    FI need to take the bull by the horns and come out with a clear and positive message of the future holds for us as currently any player purchase carries an increased risk as we do not know how there value will be affected come December.

    If G & A continues then strikers should continue to creep up and defenders and non attacking midfielders will continue to decrease in value.

    If G & A is removed then we could see some significant falls in strikers.

    If something new is introduced it will effect the people we buy now.

    So come on FI let us know the future as it is in everybody's interest.

  • Someone with some good stats good tell us what had happened in the last month or so in the coming weeks.

    Just looking at it the top end doesn’t seemed to have changed much but then why would you buy a player and get killed in commision to sell and rebuy.

    Strikers in the £1-£2 who are now £2-£3, these types could fall quite a bit if the G&A is removed.

    Overall I think they should keep it and just add something for defenders and goalies, surely that would benefit everyone.

  • It was a temporary promotion expiring after 30th November, so until we hear otherwise, traders should assume that G&A will not continue.

    The uncertainty isn't great though and discourages trading.

  • must admit I'm at a standstill now... I said i weren't going to trade in November and I haven't (yet)... not knowing what happens 'after' the G&A trial is playing a huge factor and although I want 'more' Sterling and 'more' Pogba and maybe even some Sebastian Haller & Kai Havertz I'm a little bit tentative as what they throw out next might have a negative or positive effect on certain sectors of the market?

  • @dannypea

    Agreed, they should really announce something this week. I just want to know what is happening so I can deposit more!

  • Adam Cole said in his statement accompanying the Deposit Bonus that it will be announced mid-November.... which should mean this week.

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