How would you announce FI trading changes if you were in charge?

  • Not as easy as it seems. Do you impose a change, or do you trial it? Do you announce it months in advance, that you're going to introduce a change, or say nothing and just bring it in? Whatever you do means that investment pauses, and causes some uncertainty, or flows in different directions. Player group prices will go up or down regarding any hint of change. Trader confidence as like stock exchanges is fickle.

    We all want it to work. So positive ideas on how - not withstanding there may be no ideal answers. We influence what happens too, it's a two way partnership.

  • Its a difficult one as you cant please everyone all the time - whatever they do will cause someone to be disgruntled and someone else to be happy.

    I think it doesnt matter how they announce as long as its professional and consistent. One thing I think would work is to suspend instant sell during a specified time, they could even suspend buys to let the market digest the changes and make informed decisions..

    ie Announcement at 6pm, the market will be suspended between 5pm and 7pm - no buys or sells will be possible during this time. I think that could lead to less panic amongst traders and more informed decision making

  • @Ollie a randomly selected group of 250 active traders can trial the new proposals on the BETA site that will never actually be used for actual trading. Their feedback will have a strong but not defining say on the trial.

    I think I'd whip up a frenzy on social media, it would be difficult to resist the temptation, but I would leave official releases and communication to the official news page on the FI website and stay away from the Donald Trump School of Public Communication.

  • 'IF' i felt changes were needed I would put it to the vote, get consumer feedback and 'IF' the overwhelming majority thought we could add something that we were missing (like goalkeeper dividends for example) I would announce it very early like 3-6 months before with a fixed launch date to a) allow people to amend their current portfolios in time and b) create buzz and excitement over time in the run up to the launch.

  • If I was in charge, I would use my insider knowledge to make a huge amount of money buying up players who I knew were going to rise. Then I'd release the news to the masses.


  • Consultation is key. The share split poll was a welcome one. Hopefully a decision is imminent...

  • @NewUser162554

    I think 'communication' is more key... It's ok having surveys and polls and asking folk what they want but the next step is communicating with people to tell them what's changing, what's to look forward to, what's to expect... FI's biggest floors other than the mechanisms of the site and how it operates are those of communication... and being able to put minds at ease through answering simple questions... IF FI were better at communicating... For instance... We wouldn't be asking these types of questions on here?

  • @dannypea I think both are key - communication and consultation. Both will help to manage expectations and bolster confidence. My early impressions are that the customer base has been largely spoilt to date with huge growth and multiple deposit bonuses. Any big changes to the platform are understandably treated with scepticism. FI is still maturing as a company and will make mistakes, but customers will understand if they are consulted and kept informed in strategic decision-making.

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