Absolutely pathetic with IPO situation.. Jack Clarke

  • Seriously, even when you catch a player a soon as he enters the market his price has gone up, 40p 50p 60p sometimes even more, it's about time something happened about this.... Anyway I was reading an article on Ian Harte talking up this English youngster, Jack Clarke 17 yrs old, anybody know more about him ??

  • never heard of him but just brought James Ward Prowse for 75p & considering he's a 24 year old midfielder playing in the Premier League who has been capped by Eng U17, U19, U20, U21 and at full level and is slightly struggling for form under Mark Hughes with either a potential move away or a sacking for the Manager the difference in a sudden rise... I see him as a much much much better proposition than a 17 year old Championship player who's never had a cap at England for any level???

    Much better would be Arvin Appiah from Nottingham Forest who's played for Eng U16, 17 & 18's scoring for all of them and scoring on his full professional debut the other week!!!

    Now he really could be the next Ben Brereton!!!!!

  • Agree thet need to eradicate the bots. Can still find value soon after launch though eg Agustin Almendra was IPO'd earlier and still only £1.43 - 18 yr old Boca star midfielder with links to Barca and City.

  • @NewUser162554 apparently he's the next Lionel Messi....?

    Anyone know when the last IPO day was before today's?? I very rarely go on the 'blog' as i don't think it gets updated that much and it doesn't really tell me anything I don't know (other than IPO's which i don't invest in) but I'm thinking 'another' way of improving relations with users on site would be to have one set day per week to IPO new players... say EVERY WED from 9am which again would build up interest and activity on site!!!

    I haven't a clue when half of these players get announced and find myself searching all the time for players not even on the lists so surely having something regular (which is free money for FI) would be essential to keep traders interested especially during these boring international weeks!!!

  • Even me a hardened promoter to all my friends about FI is losing faith in this product i really hate sayin that 😶

  • @dannypea what do you mean by getting announced Danny mate ?? I saw on website home page which players would be released today, with guide times and guide price.

  • @Andy-M i didn't notice it on the site home page mate so it's either my bad (every week) or it's just not apparent enough for us simpletons...? I get that they tweet and update the blog but I don't always use those facilities? I would just like to see more done to let us know of whats coming well in advance and possibly the simple option for us to add names to that as often the first time i hear of an IPO is when one of you guys mentions it or i see a spike on the risers board on some unknown jumping up 50%+

    Maybe list them on facebook? Maybe list them on twitter (as just checked and can't find)? Maybe employ Agatello to let us know on here? Maybe link something on the stock market page to LATEST IPO LAUNCH???

    I just feel they are missing a trick and by just randomly adding them whenever the average user is missing out on opportunities to invest at the best possible price? I know the bots have dictated the way that the IPO's are launched but I think a little notice would help to ramp up the enthusiasm over these launches??

  • Would love to see an auction style IPO process. Then at least the market are dictating start price, rather than arbitrary price setting.

  • @dannypea http://footballindex.news try here mate, if u are using mobile you will possibly have to rotate mobile to get price and release times 😁

  • @dannypea ha, not sure there'll ever be another Messi! Do think Almendra looks cheap when compared to other S American starlets such as Palacios though.

  • Why is everyone jumping on this ipo when almendra and Sorensen look so much better in my opinion anyway. What am I missin?

  • @Black-wolf completely agree - madness

  • I had Samuel Chukwueze as the most promising IPO released today. Glad everybody was busy jumping on other players since I could actually get on near to IPO price for once!

  • @Black-wolf Are we talking about Clarke?? Purely because he's English i guess.

  • Almendra flying now after a slow start. Good things do come to those who wait after all.

  • @NewUser162554 He's approaching Chukwueze's price level despite a much lower IPO. Is he that good a player, seems about three years off even a move to Europe and has never scored a senior goal (genuine question only seen him in Libertadores final where he was good for an 18 year old)?

    Chukwueze is six months older but already starting and scoring for a Europa League level team in La Liga.

  • @Andy-M

    Hi big Leeds fan here.

    Jack Clarke is a 17 year old kid who has looked very promising in admittedly very limited action so far. He has come on in the last 20 minutes of a few games recently and given Leeds an extra dimension.

    He is a winger who looks like he loves to run at his full back. He has been brilliant for the Under 23's all season and has scored quite a few for them. A lot of Leeds fans would like him to be given a start after the international break as Harrison and Alioski, our other wingers, have been very average for weeks now.

    Hope that helps.

  • @NewUser51324 saw he played 15-20min and made most dribbles in the game, sounds like Sancho without the big opportunities.

  • @Andy-M

    I would have to see more of him before I commit to that sort of statement!!

    He isn't as quick as sancho but defenders have been scared of him when he's been running at them, no doubt. Looks to have really good close control. Doesn't seem like a clumsy winger if you know what i mean!

  • @Andy-M

    Also just for clarity he has played about 8 U-23 games and scored 5 which is a good return. Whether Bielsa trust him enough to start is another matter, but Leeds are looking more and more shaky so can't afford to hold players back. Not a massive squad either but in the current system he is 3/4th winger.

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