Clean Sheet bonus possibility

  • I assume G & A is here to stay (yes, partly because that sentence rhymes) and I am taking a hunch that clean sheets will be added definitely for gks and maybe defenders. I've brought Oblak, Areola and Kepa into my portfolio, no major investments, just in case.

    Do you think this bonus could be added from Dec 1st to coincide with the permanent addition of G&A?

  • I’ve picked up De Gea just in case. Not convinced it will happen, but worth a punt.

  • @Lukeroro IMO yes and fingers crossed for that (we need balance on all lvl so defenders and GK need something extra too) but only if will be ADDED to G&A not instead cos that will change everything again and I think we all don't wanna that... 👍

  • Deffo possible - I've picked up some of the cheapest defenders playing for the clubs who keep the most clean sheets...

  • @Dave-C
    Hmm, that's good idea mate but...
    I'm not sure FI will put promo 'clean sheet' for defender's because they will have to pay bck to much dividends for them - now for G&A we're looking for one or max 2 fwr/mdf in each team, for new promo you will be looking at 4-6 defenders and 1 GK in each teams so imagine 0:0(it will happen many times in month) so FI will pay off dividends for 8 defenders and 2 GK each time ?? What about formation with 5 defenders on the bck - NO f*** chance for that mate!!
    Clean sheet just for GK and maybe G&A for defender's but with bigger dividends then for fwr/mdf?!
    So better option go for defender's who scoring goals IMO 🤔but maybe I'm wrong...

  • @Mundek aye, I can see that. For me, the goalscorers here to stay but is simply a bonus. Gbamin has scored two goals in the last couple of weeks and at the end of the month that's gonna be rather nice!
    However, I was late to the party and didn't make any money of Glenn Murray!

    I don't see clean sheets being handed out to defenders either. But GKs need something and this is more realistic than their own PB group and I think better for punters and FI alike. So, I fancy being the early bird getting that worm this time!

  • I have bought the Juventus defence and GK in preparation just in case this happens ha

  • @NewUser122316 5 years ago who guessed Scheszney would replace Buffon at Juve ahah

  • @Lukeroro ive bought into gk a week ago. Convinced they get something whether its now or next season. Will be holding as a potential reward for low risk too good to turn down. I remember people saying ramos at 80p was a worthless hold. Then pb came along and the rest is history

  • @Finlay77 the guess is clean sheets because they can't get a PB slot.

  • @Lukeroro yes i imagine so, nobody knows how fi thinks but thats kinda the fun in trying to guess what they do next. They keep ipo'ing keepers so they arent stupid.not giving us kids everything we want straightaway, whats the fun in that haha. Another idea would be instead of a pb slot or clean sheet div, maybe a 2p payout for any gk or def who scores 150+ pb score? That whittles down payouts alot

  • @NewUser122316 said in Clean Sheet bonus possibility:

    I have bought the Juventus defence and GK in preparation just in case this happens ha

    The wrong thing to do imo

    When G/A was announced the super cheap strikers surged the most

    If (big IF btw!) a CS bonus gets announced the super cheap defenders playing every week for teams that have loads of clean sheets will also surge the most

  • @Dave-C plenty of those defenders about! Im on quite a few around the 60p to 75p mark. Week in week out types. But then clean sheets can be had by any team at any time. A def\gk cs massively opens the door. I know people say fi would hate paying out on 0-0 etc, but any team that goes 1 down, how many would IS? All these cheapies are being bought off fi too so they be making a ton!

  • I don't see it happening for defenders.

  • @Lukeroro im more inclined to agree but again, risk v reward is as low as you can get. Will hold anyway just incase one of them pops up and grabs a goal which makes for a rise anyway

  • @Finlay77 there are other reasons for defenders. For keepers, it's time to cross fingers!

  • They like announcements on Thursday don't they?

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