Ousmane Dembele

  • I see he’s being linked with a January mega move to Liverpool. Any LFC fans know if there’s likely to be any truth in these rumours?

  • @ocs123
    No inside knowledge but it looks like one of the more likely rumours to actually come to something.

  • @Indexical

    I hope so, i’ve bought 100 futures in him just in case this explodes into a major transfer deal.

  • Seems like a pointless article to me and I can't see it happening. He may move at some point but I highly doubt it will be Liverpool.

  • @ocs123 - The Klopp effect may have to get things moving??

  • I would argue is he the type of player that fits the Liverpool ethos??

    I would also argue that I don't think Barcelona are that bothered about letting him go... And certainly wouldn't in January if they could not replace him and I wonder 'IF' they are even in the market right now to replace him??

    So on that basis... I'm out!!!

  • Regardless of any potential transfer to the Premier League Dembele has to be considered good value and a sound investment, as much as he frustrates on the pitch.

    It's currently as bad as it's going to get, barring career threatening injury or mental breakdown...his price is only going one way - Up.

    That could happen very quickly, depending on media buzz or over time as he becomes more consistent in his team play at Barca.
    A point of note is how much investment there's been in any individual player. Barca have invested a great deal in Dembele and that is the primary reason why he is a safe investment here. The club is not going to allow him to fail.

    He's actually fit in better with Mane, Keita and co than he does with Messi, Pique and co, likewise Arsenal's french speaking contingent. But these older players are not the future of Barca...It's up to Dembele and his desire to "replace" Messi.

    If that does not happen by the summer of 2021 (assuming Barca haven't already made the decision to sell) then he will be sold to any one of several top clubs who will buy on the basis of what he showed at Rennes and Dortmund.
    Players with contracts up in 2022 are a safe. low risk investment...Dembele comes with added bonus of possible buzz talk throughout.

    I'm confident he'll be worth around £20 a share by that point, though he could easily hit £10 a share if a move was to happen sooner by next summer. or he could push £8 if there's a buzz/move this coming window.

    I'm in at his current price(ish) and I plan to sell once he's up 50% as I put his real value at around £7 - £7.50.
    I don't see him as a Messi level player, more a back up for Salah level player...but I have little doubt he'll stir up a buzz that will secure a profit, if not this winter, then definitely next summer.

    The way people are talking, a new thread, possible dividend today, he could be a nice quick flip....but I aint holding out for £20...
    Coutinho is going to find Malcolm to be a less demanding Mrs and will put a lot more on his plate.

    Still....He's guaranteed to rake media dividends to subtract from purchase price and any future ROI will be a green one.
    Not a fan but that puts him in my top 10 investments for top 200 forwards....
    Up to £5.50 he makes a lot of sense, but that window is quickly going to close if this latest story gathers momentum.

  • @ocs123

    What's interesting about dembele is he has huge potential to follow pogbas path as a mb star(sued for damages to property, missing training phone died... etc) and on that basis could be considered a good long term investment.

    In regards to him moving, such a big fee was paid for him you would say Barcelona wouldn't sell so soon at a loss but I think they still have to pay something like 25ish million based on future appearances so selling early they take a loss but save that 25million.

    Barcelona is a close club doesn't matter who you are or how much you were bought for if pique messi and co don't like you, you won't last could go either way but should be lots of mb regardless.

  • Already flipped - 5% increase over two days, netted a modest profit and I prefer the current price for Lacazette and Werner.
    All three look like good value, but I'm a Gooner and I enjoy watching Leipzig play.
    Who's most likely to get improve that Liverpool 11 ?
    For me Dembele pushes Mane, but is not going to be a consistent top level performer (will always be "flashes").
    Werner though ?
    Well I still consider him to be the best penalty box poacher in the game, he does too much in a poor Leipzig team, so it doesn't show.
    Put him in the Man City team and he'd score 3 a game, he was a different player in the German U21's. I'm hoping he'll prove me right tonight with a fresh forward line up of Sane, Havertz and Gnabry supplying him. Less running around outside of the box and more waiting for goals inside it. That's when we'll see the real Werner.
    I'm convinced Klopp agrees with me, he's the one CF he wants above Bobby and the links are in place following the Keita move. It'll happen, there'll be a bigger buzz and he's currently cheaper.

  • @NewUser113548 Did you go from "he's in my top 10 investments for top 200 forwards ... plan to sell at about £7 - £7.50 ... he'll be worth £20 in a few years" to "sold for about £5" within about 24 hours? Not a criticism, just found it amusing!

  • On my projection he isn't going to rise by 5% every day through to the coming transfer window.
    Personally I don't like the volatility and I'm responding to the market. Plans change on that basis.

    I'm glad I made a buck and got rid (again), particularly after the petulant kick he gave the impressive Dumfries the other night, guess he didn't like it in his pocket. Looking forward to seeing him up against Leroy this week.
    Sane vs Dembele ?
    Sane is better and currently a cheaper investment.

  • @dannypea what's this, the dragons den 🤣🤣

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