Fulham sack Jokanovic & appoint Ranieri

  • Good news for Mitrovic, Sessegnon, Mawson et al??

  • Why??? It could just as easily be bad news??? When a new manager comes in they have their own ideas and own thoughts... Some who Jokanovic loved might not be Ranieri's cup of espresso and so on...

    For me I would 'avoid' Fulham players until they have a consistent period under Ranieri so we know what to expect from them!!!

  • @dannypea

    I agree could go either way - Which is why it was phrased as a ????

    Personally Mitrovic looks a good EPL striker & will flourish whether he stays at Fulham or not, same applies to Sessegnon, Mawson was called up for England a couple of years back so clearly has potential - I think that things could hardly go worse than they have been & Ranieri was scorned when he went to Leicester (with a similar group of under performing players who nearly got relegated the previous season) & look what happened next.

  • Fulham will win the league next year. Ranieri is a magician!

  • Good for Sessegnon I would say. He hasn't been great this season so if that carries on, it's more of the same. If the new manager improves him, positive. If the new manager doesn't fancy him, he gets sold to a bigger club, also FI positive

  • Fuming. In a relegation battle, you don't go shopping and leave without Big Sam.

    Interesting re Mitro, him and Slav were close and Slav would never have dropped him.

    Good news for Schurrle and Vietto.

    I don't see Ranieri keeping us up.

  • You would have thought it can only be a good thing for Fulham defenders. Surely they can't concede more than they have been!!

  • Remember:

    The season before Ranieri, Leicester were languishing at the bottom and with 8 games left Nigel Pearson had them playing so well only Barca and Bayern had better form.

    Ranieri came in over summer and kept that going, somehow! But at first, his Leicester were going 2 down and then winning 3-2, going 1 down and winning 4-1 etc. After Christmas they started adapting and grinding out 1-0s.

    I'm not sure how this will work for Fulham. We have the midfield! I'm still unsure on Mitrovic as a Prem striker and Slav never was sure on his number 1 keeper, letalone his back 4. Or whether to play 5. It's a big ol' mess to cleab up.

  • I think Ranieri is a 'gamble'... this certainly gives Fulham a chance of staying up and there was no reason to think Jokanovic would have improved anything sooner so as said above.. Any decision made couldn't be any worse than their current situation but from an FI perspective I would think you're treading on broken glass to invest in Fulham players off the back of this?

    You might get stung if they fail, you might do well if they improve... it really is a gamble??

    Granted he's done well in the past, but he's also failed at a few so not necassarily every job he takes on will be the one smelling of roses?

    I do think however with Fulham's squad they should be doing much better than they are doing and Ranieri does have what it takes to get results... I suppose its all down to how they talk on board his philosophy??

  • I've got shares in Fosu-Mensah as he looks really good value. Will be watching with intrigue if Ranieri will play him. Fingers crossed

  • @NewUser197355 the competition at right back is either Denis Odoi who is more of a centre back but is small for the position or Cyrus Christie who has a similar first touch to Romelu Lukaku, nothing to shout about.

    Timmy should play.

  • @Lukeroro that's what I wanted to hear haha. Picked him up at like 75p so there has to be some profit there

  • @NewUser197355 my preference is still to bring back Ryan Fredericks from West Ham.. oh I miss him in a fulham shirt.

    But yeah, Timmy is playing. Could be a solid option at CDM as well.

  • I think seri looks attractive. If Fulham do better his price should rise, if not and they get relegated there'll be transfer speculation. Good enough for many prem clubs

  • @PaulR

    Add to that Danny Drinkwater @75p on loan or permanent had his most successful spell under Ranieri at Leics, Chelsea have said he can go & January window soon.

  • @Lukeroro said in Fulham sack Jokanovic & appoint Ranieri:

    bring back Ryan Fredericks from West Ham

    Do you reckon that has legs, as he looks surplus to requirements at West Ham - did he leave on good terms or under a cloud?

  • Meh, he will stay there. Will take over from Zabaleta sooner or later. He was out best player last year, he just needs to adjust to the prem. Got skinned first game against Liverpool and didn't cover himself in glory in the following couple of games and then Pellegrini picked Zaba. (Must mention, Zaba is Pellegrini's guy. At City, under Mancini, Micah Richards was in the Prem Team of the Year at RB but couldn't get a game under Pellegrini with the Argentina connection.)

    But Zabaleta is 34 in January and there's talk of him retiring next summer. With Yarmelenko cutting in off the right, Freddo is perfect for overlapping and also getting back. He's rapid!!

    Incidentally, Fredericks is back down to his IPO price of 69p. From what I understand, players cannot go below that price so you literally cannot lose. I've just got 50 in and by the end of the season he'll be over a quid without doubt.

  • whats the story with Joe Bryan?... just had a look at the squad and I would say it lacks a bit of steel in MF... Drinkwater would be a great addition... Possibly a decent RB too? I do like Serri, Sessegnon further forward, Tom Cairney is a cracking player and Mitrovic is a horrible old school no9 that should hold the ball up well.. I liked Ream & Odoi from last season but Mawson is a great addition... just getting them to gel all into a decent lineup which I suppose has been Jokanovic's problem this season??

  • @dannypea Joe Bryan is injured, I think. Blinding signing and gives the opportunity to play Sess further up the pitch.

    I said a few weeks ago about signing Drinkwater in Jan but apparently in the summer he was offered an exit by Sarri and he wanted to stay. (Moses in the same boat apparently.)

    Mawson as a 20 mill signing has to play. Just has to. I like Odoi but he is a bit small for CB and all goal kicks are aimed at him. Playing him at RB with Mawson and Ream in the middle is my preference right now. Ream likes to take time on the ball and he got it last year but he gets pressed in the Prem and makes mistakes. He needs to speed up.

    With Cairney, I like him but he slows everything down so much. Reminds me of when Berbatov was playing for us. Our build up is so slow therefore teams can either press us up the pitch or get back behind the ball before we penetrate and Cairney is one who does like to really kill the tempo. I think he'd be more effective for a team higher up the table.

    And Mitrovic is an interesting one. Never been entirely convinced on him as a Prem striker, though he is still young. His Serbian connection with Slav meant everything was about him. Maybe we could go two up top now, look at Vietto, Schurrle etc we have the options. Mitro could also now lose motivation because I know him and Slav were very close. If I was holding Mitrovic I'd be a bit on edge.

  • Talk sport we're talking about the inevitable approach for drinkwater last night

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