Watchlist/starred players doesn't work

  • Hoping someone can help me with this issue, no players appear on the watchlist on my laptop, I've tried multiple browsers with no success. My starred/watched players do show on the top 200/squad lists unless I choose the increase/decrease in price option then the black star disappears, of course this is where I want to see the starred players who may have fallen in price.

    This is frustrating when you've put in hours of research. There's no watchlist at all on the beta site and the app, the watchlist does work on mobile browser but only for players starred whilst using mobile.

  • i have this problem and have to delete some then they re appear

  • Not worked since 2016 as far as I am aware.

    You can star a player, but then wake up next day and they've all disappeared.

  • Only works on my kindle.pc at work, it stores them then the next time i log in they have gone. Ive reverted to the ancient practice of notebook and pen! 😂

  • i think i must be the only person who has never had a problem with the watchlist

  • Also never had a problem using the mobile site on android.

    I only wish there was more functionality to go with it.

  • I don't think the watchlist works across multiple devices. i.e. if you're signed in on both a laptop and mobile then it doesn't carry one over to the other.

  • I emailed customer support why my watching had disappeared, this was their reply:

    Hello Chris,

    Thanks for contacting customer support.

    Please be advised the watch list is saved by cookie so if you change device or clear your browsing history the watch list will disappear. Unfortunately once the watch list is gone we are unable to retrieve this for you.
    Football INDEX Customer Support

  • @nally93 it's never a problem on my mobil, obviously if i want to use my computer then i need to mark them there too, it's nothing to do with your account, you need to create this on each device separately.

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