New changes

  • How will the new changes on 1st November affect our portfolios?

  • I believe it will mean prices of top players will drop as they will be rivalled by 11x as many players to win the PB. Because for example say Messi scored 1 goal but Defoe, Vardy, Iheanacho, Deeney, King, and all the other good/decent strikers had a really good game and scored 3 goals, which they are capable of, then they would more likely win the PB than Messi.

  • Apart from it's not based solely on how may goals a player scores. I agree it will be more difficult but people have already looked at the opta stats which show on average the top players who are already in the top 200 on the index generally score more than everyone else. I think value of players will go down a bit more once people realise they are still most likely to win the bus they will recover.

  • The best will win more Pb over a season plus they generally have more mb aswell..... as they should. simple

  • I have read the forums and judging by what people are saying don't panic and just wait it out and don't invest too much in the new players

  • Does anyone actually know where you can view the opta stats? I've searched for it a new times but can never find what I'm looking for. Thanks.

  • Based on the first list released, I'm not too concerned about my portfolio. I think we would have seen a reaction by now and it hasn't changed anything.

    I wonder if FI might price the next batch differently if there is little interest.

  • I have sold most of my shares a week ago just as a precaution and have only 3 players kept in my Portfolio. I personally think Player prices may drop in the current 200 temporarily as people will sell players to invest in the upcoming players but the market will recover and adapt again if this is the case. Just like anything new, people want to get in on it but new doesn't always mean better.

  • Doesnt really seem to have changed much. My portfolio is up this morning.

  • yep mine is too

  • The best players in the current top 200 are better value than the IPOs so can only see them increasing from now

  • Too be honest if Milner is being valued @ 2.30 then that makes players in the top 200 look cheap as chips

  • it's all working out fine so far

  • @The-Chartist said in New changes:

    Too be honest if Milner is being valued @ 2.30 then that makes players in the top 200 look cheap as chips

    This is the point I’ve been making.

    What if we as a market have got it wrong and the top 200 are the undervalued ones?

  • Is it just me that doesn't fully understand the changes. FI have made changes but not updated their tutorial video to give clear instructions on how to play/gamble etc. Does the 200 top players stay the same, whats going on with the sqaud players, 50 new ones added every day? If you buy one and they don't go into the top 200 do you lose them. Any one know where to find the instructions for this site, I've only been doing it a few weeks. Cheers.

  • 50 players are being added each day and then will be added accordingly to the top 200 at the end of each day depending on what price they are when it gets to midnight. If their price is higher than the current players in the top 20 then they will replace the players whose price they have gone above.

    If you hold the players that drop our of the top 200 it doesn't mean you will lose them or any money, just that you won't be able to win any buzz dividenda until their price increases enough again for them to re-enter the top 200.

  • Only the top 200 can win media dividends all the players top 200 and squad are eligible for the performance dividends.

  • Is that true? I only thought it was top 200 for everything. That's great if so.

  • @NewUser73132

    All players in squad and top 200 are eligible for performable buzz.

    Media buzz is top 200 only.


  • Thanks for the replies, nice to see we are not all exactly sure whats happening. ;-) How do you lose a player then, if he drops out of the top 200 and out of the sqaud? or is this the same as before where he is removed every friday if in the bottom two?

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