• I hold Ronaldo, purely because for me the dividend returns are greater than the risk at the moment – I will revaluate as the season goes on.

    His spread is slowly but surely reducing – curious to know if the spread is still putting people off..

    Would you buy futures if his spread reduces further or are you out for good now?

    Still got a lot of football left in him IMO

  • @Wilba I think you are bang on. In a top team and barring a big injury lay off-he is still going to get dividends. Actually De Bruyne has shown, being injured doesn't always mean decrease in share value!

  • @Clover caveat would be their differing ages.. Ronaldo has returned £1 in divs in the last 3 months alone! for me ill happily take on the risk

  • @Wilba I wish I could take on the risk and I know it’s unlikely this rape case will go anywhere but if he were to get charged the loses would be substantial 😕

  • For me everyone talks about ronaldos age yet messi isnt that far behind and never hear a thing about his price being a risk. Yes ron is 33 but juve signed him for 4 years, in a slower league where he will hit at leas t 125 goals in that period in all comps. Also i dont agree with the one bad injury and he is finished. The ox is 24. May never be the same. Zlatan injury was a brute but he was not even close to ronaldos level of fitness. I only have a few shares but for at least two seasons he will be breaking records and winning titles and champions leagues

  • I sold when the rape allegations surfaced. Was happy to take the risk he may get injured, but not also with rape allegations hovering. There’s now just too much risk, with two ways his price could drop to nothing. It’s a shame, because he still looks like he’s playing as well as ever and wins MB like a beast.

  • @Finlay77

    The concern with Ronaldo’s age is that it is inevitable he will lose a yard of pace at some point, and when he does he will be half the player.

    Messi is not as pace reliant and has more ability to drop into more of an attacking midfield/playmaker role as he ages.

  • @Chris-J true but then with ron and messi both dont need to run when defenders bring down forwards around the box. they are the best up there at free kicks

  • @Finlay77 are you kidding me about the Zlatan level of fitness?? The guy is unbelievably fit, the doctors thought he was from another planet when he took the United medical, he broke all of the medical records apparently.

  • It’s injury worries, nothing to do with fitness. The fact is the older you get the longer it takes to recover from an injury and if it’s a bad one and your an over 30 something as a footballer its curtains at the highest level.

    Owning a player who is over £10 and old is like having them on the edge of a cliff.

  • @Tom77 thing is how many MB wins would he get if he got an injury? Loads!

  • @Rob said in Ronaldo:

    @Tom77 thing is how many MB wins would he get if he got an injury? Loads!

    His price would collapse mate making mb worthless.

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