"Knowledge is Power"

  • Hi all

    With the double dividends under a week away and also the new IPO players starting to build on the Index, we need to understand that the competition for Performance Buzz win is going to be intense....

    But we do need to remember to stick to our guns and not panic buy as well as panic sell.....the futures we hold in our portfolios at the moment are based on our football knowledge, not our business knowledge.

    Players like Messi, Dybala and Stones will still continue to be major contenders for PB winners even with the additional IPO competition, this is because these 3 players are tactically better than these new rival futures......it has been mentioned before in other threads that a defender/midfielder/striker that scores a goal can still lose out on the PB to another defender/midfielder/striker that has 40-50 passes in a match and not score a goal.

    which brings me to my final point which is "Knowledge is Power"....know your players and don't waste your money !!

    Any opinions are welcome...



  • Never heard speculation described as panic buying before but I can see your point to a certain degree.

    However, using your knowledge to spot next season's Dele Alli before anyone else at 50p (rip off IPO IMO) giving you an ROI of 36% for "just one" star performance in the next 3 years let alone the uplift in value; is where the real power lies ;-)

  • @Agatello....thanks for the opinion, it just depends on how many traders look at the IPOs the same way you do? at the moment it's all about buying into big names like Messi, Stones, De Bruyne, Coutinho...etc and getting MB and PB wins from them.

    We will see how it starts off next week !! i think that the next couple of months will determine whether this IPO introduction will be a success....

  • Until we know what happens to overpriced players its impossible to say if it'll be a success or not.

    Seriously can't understand FI's silence on the subject!

    If they drop rapidly til they find their ground it might be a success but if they just sit there repurchased itll be a huge damp squib

  • Yeah but we don't really have the knowledge which is the issue

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