Frankie de Jong

  • I just watch Netherlands Vs France and de Jong ran the whole show. As a 21 year he's got it all, technique, vision, touch, awareness... If you're looking for future football superstars then look no further!

    Anyone else seeing this? 🤔

  • Agree, its why I bought a load of him months back.

  • I watched the match too, and thought De Jong looked good, as did the whole of the Dutch team to be fair. France didn't offer a great deal at all.

    As far as the Index goes, he's currently priced £3.27, and whilst he's undoubtedly one of the hottest prospects out there at the moment, a lot of transfer spec and hype is already built into that price.

    He's not at a PB league at the moment (although Ajax have been doing pretty well in the Champions League), and you may want to compare the prices of some of the players already at the big clubs he's been linked to if you're weighing up his current value.

  • Personally I'd see him almost certainly moving to a big club in the near future which would add value based on hype and then moving on to perform at a very high level for years to come. For me he's surely a long term hold but interested to get other opinions..

  • @Wiillaah the thing is everyone knows he's been linked to a big club for quite a while, and such players often lose value when the deal's actually done. i know this is something that's confused me in the past.

    definitely a very classy player though.

  • Probably the best young player in his position. But a modric type mid field enforcer which have price ceiling limits of around £3.50. Unless he starts scoring a lot of goals, can’t see him being a PB player, plus he may not leave Ajax for a couple years (he loves it there apprently) and he’s already priced way above other players in his position.

  • There is a player on the index called Harry Vonwinkel and he is the same but cheaper.

  • @Valhalla Yeah this is the crux of Frenkie's ceiling.
    Disclaimer I hold 500 future's and here is why. There are a couple of ceilings for his overall value.
    If he remains in his current role of a defensive type midfielder his first ceiling will be at Kroos level where he complete's a huge amount of passes at a high accuracy, with a healthy assist volume and if he does not come to the Premier League - £5 to £6 at current FI valuation.
    In his more recent games, he has started to shoot more and many pundits believe that he will be as successful and more valuable to the team playing further up in the number 8 position and if he comes to the Premier League then he could reach the level of KDB valuation - £7 to £8
    If he becomes a world beater, Ballon D'Or candidate, scores more goals, and has interests in grannies then he could reach the holy grail pricing - £12 to £15


    🍊 Frenkie de Jong vs France:

    🥇 Most touches -- 112 (30 more than any other player)
    🥇 Most passes -- 95 (93 per cent accuracy)
    Tackles -- 2
    Interceptions -- 2
    Rating -- 7.83

    Plus he won the penalty I believe

  • @Parvez112333 yeah, it’s difficult to know which type of midfielder he will turn into. The defensive modric/kante type worth £2 or the attacking de bruyne type worth £8+. He’s super talented and I’d love to see him become the attacking type. But it will depend on where his manger sticks him ultimately. But the biggest annoyance is that he says he loves AJAX and might stay rotting there in a non PB league for a couple years. Tricky one.

  • Movement again today, probably as its been reported that he's going to sign for Man City for £60m.

  • @GregF in that case, expect his price to plunge at some point. Just look at B Silva - amazing player yet price growth stunted due to heavy rotation and regular subs, limiting PB potential. Their squad is just too good for FI purposes.

  • @NewUser162554 I see where you're coming from, but he's not the same type of player as Silva so won't be competing for the same spots. It's more likely he'll be sat in the middle with De Bruyne spraying balls about the place, in which case he's got a lot further to rise - and on top of that there's still a month and a half before the transfer window opens so lots of opportunities for media buzz considering several teams are after him.
    I own 6 whole futures in him so either way I won't be retiring or going bankrupt off whatever happens, but I agree with one of the earlier posts that his ceiling could be 5 or 6 quid. In whihh case everyone jumping on now and pushing his price up will be pretty happy with their returns when he gets there

  • @GregF not sure I follow why De Jong would do better in FI through a more defensive midfield role than B Silva? Would probably score less PB. Also he may take a while to establish himself in City's first XI, even the best players can take time to adapt to the PL. I'm sure he could rise to £5 or so in time but may require patience.

  • I look forward to watching him play again tonight against Germany, another big test to see what level he is at.

  • I hope he doesnt go to city. Pep talks up foden but never gives him any real chances. They lost sancho and spent 60m on mahrez. Frenkie should stay at ajax then mov e up when 23. He looks too good to be in our prem for me. He is a barca player to a tee. He would be wasted sitting on a bench every game

  • @Finlay77 He would be good for Tottenham because we like our young players, and then he could move to Barcelona in 3 years.

  • @HappyLarry59855 levy would never let him go mate lol

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