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  • Hi all :) I've got a bit of a hypothetical question here that's been with me for a bit & I think I know the answer, but I was wanting to ask the good people here for your thought's. What it is, is just suppose there is a player (Player A) valued at £1 & one person or perhaps a group of people buy 1 million of his future share's. My question is, what would his price rise to as a result of this & then would it be allowed to sell his share's (1 million) back to Football Index by way of the Quick Sell or can they only be sold by way of trader to trader ? Is the example I've written a case of 'Market Manipulation' ?

  • I believe you can only buy or sell a max 100 shares at a time. So as you bought each 100 block of shares the price would rise accordingly. Likewise when you sell it falls. So you don't really make money - and you pay commission on the sells.

  • Well you can sell 100 at a time via instant sell. So that’s a lot of Mouse clicks. Generally every 100 raises the price by a penny to. So you will have to instant sell 10,000 times. The price without anyone buying and selling would go up to £100 a share in that scenario. So yes there would be a massive ripple effect. But could you hit instant sell 10,000 times quicker than the rest of the community to get our quick enough?

  • Thank You for your replies Tom & Rob. I appreciate it lad's :) I was thinking that a player's value rise's by 1p per 100 share's bought too & Yeah. if that was the case with Player A. he would go up from £1 to £101 per share. Can you imagine being the person who bought him at £1 p/s & he's now up to £100 & you've got 1 million of his share's ?!?! Haha .. I think it could be 'Corfu f'Christmas' even with the 5% Quick Sell deduction :-D Thanks again Tom & Rob :)

  • If no-one else bought while you buying. I think you'd lose at least £50,000 out of that £m

  • A million on sat a £3 player would probably generate momentum.

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