Josip Brekalo

  • I’m still relatively new to the index but Brekalo has been on my radar for a little while now. Finally decided to get on him after his impressive performance mid week. Another strong 45 minutes today vs England. How far do we think his price could go?

  • @NewUser194575 Great prospect. Expect him to have some transfer speculation in January or end of season. He signed a new contract last summer but imagine there is a release clause. Likened to Robven in the Bundesliga with his dribbling and runs. Very exciting to watch.

    In terms of league performances he's looked good so far this season and regular first team (advantage of being at a smaller club) . A little inconsistent sometimes but to be expected. Also, Wolfsburg were very poor last season and he was the stand out performer so went under the radar.

    Only slight concern are his PB scores which are not fantastic but at a bigger club with more consistency, this could rise.

    For reference, he was listed as a fwd on FI last season but now a midfielder (winger). He still plays mostly up front though so likely to change again in the future.

    The G & A promo is helping his price.

    Very good record at U21 level and good experience behind him already. No recent significant injuries to note so far.

    Off the pitch, slightly controversial with his refusal to wear the rainbow armband and potentually MB friendly with his style.

    Long term replacement for Perisic and Rebic so huge potential at international level.

    Finally, to answer your question, £2 if he stays at Wolfsburg, or £4 if he moves to a Champions League or Europa League team. Once established in a couple of seasons, £7- £8.

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