Bernd Leno

  • I have noticed that Bernd Leno's (Arsenal Goalkeeper) features are a steal at 0.74!
    The german goalkeeper is already broken into the first team and is doing some wonders of saves.
    denied virgil van dyke a hatrick and in no doubt man of the match for arsenal against wolves.

  • But you can hardly make any money off goal keepers hence the price , it's about time they bring something in for them though ,

  • Well you are right to an extent, however. Its modern day football, clubs are paying crazy money for goalkeepers so maybe that could initially help leno's increase in price. I mean he is still young and got off to a very good start.

  • @Aibl he's pretty worthless based on current rules.

  • All valid points, and I guess that with good low price, low devaluation risk keepers it's a case of get in first if incentives follow...

  • @CraigM it's a massive IF though - surely money better spent elsewhere?

  • @NewUser162554 maybe...time will tell and good luck to anyone investing in keepers, across the board. I guess that part of the strategy is buying players who should hold their value, or something close to it, regardless of what happens and cheap but good keepers may fit this bill?

  • @Aibl

    Great in real life but worthless on FI I'm afraid; I actually bought him on the rumours of a GK's category a few weeks ago, in @85 & out @105 less than hour later, as they proved to be unfounded. Just illustrates that IF THE RULES CHANGED then he would be worth far more than 75p but until then it's dead money (same for all gk's).

  • @NewUser159387 but my point is that taking the plunge on keepers now will be the most valuable time to do so, if FI decide to make them more attractive to investors and offer a chance to double or better their value. If they hold or slightly lose their value until that day then little harm done. But if a favourable decision is announced, then it will make keepers more expensive to buy as their price will go up quickly. PS I have no keepers so it doesn't affect me, but I can see why Leno and co are worth a punt

  • @CraigM i have 12 keepers. Most will say dead money and as of right now thats correct. However any potential rule change sees low risk v reward a winner. If i have to instant sell, its not going to be alot on 43p or 58p gk. Ramos was deemed dead money and worthless when he was 80p. I know gk prob never get their own category, but fi have known for a long time the demand for gk recognition, if and when that happens i can watch the scramble and hopefully make some great money. I cant afford the top mb players, or at least own enough to make it worth while, so im doing things differently. This is one of the ways ive chosen. Another branch of the long term strategy

  • @CraigM

    It's a great strategy if they finally get some sort of way to win, whether that be their own category or a clean sheet bonus scheme & if you have plenty of funds to buy now whilst they're cheap you are really gambling that will eventually happen, at which time you will clearly be quids in. If it doesn't happen or you get fed up waiting then it is true that you could cash in for breakeven or at worst a very small loss, however the flip side is whilst that money stagnates it could be invested in almost any other players on the index & benefit from far higher growth. So your £100 of Leno maybe worth £100 in 12 months time yet most others players will have turned it into £125/150 or more & you will have been left behind relatively.

    There's no right or wrong way to make money on FI & I hope it works for you, as it would be healthy for the index in general IMO but it seems a very risky gamble whilst the rest of the index is clearly only going up in the short/medium term.

  • I went fist deep on Keeper's early on this month, a good 5 figures. Yes it's a risk, but the downside is phenomenally low compared to other trades on the platform with a seriously lucrative upside should ANYTHING positive come their way.

    After all you could plough 10k into Ronaldo, Neymar or Messi and be well out of pocket to varying degrees based on situations outside of FI's decision making.

    Putting this into perspective on 1 past and 1 existing trade.

    Sanchez - Purchased 135 @ £6.70 - outlay ~ £900. Was hoping he might hit £7.50 (at the time was never going to hit £10). Rose to £7 and then crashed to about £4.50 and he didn't even break a leg. So a nice £300 loss when aiming for £150 profit.

    Handanovic - Purchased 1000 @ avg 55p. Outlay £550. Currently £170 in the green but not selling up. Could well hit £1 and beyond if keepers get some loving. So if he flunks I could lose roughly £25-50 but stand to possibly double up if FI see sense ;-)

    I totally get the stagnant money argument but I've got a portfolio full of players that haven't moved as predicted yet so for me they're as good a bet as I've seen on the Index. Could all be futile in the end put you gotta be in it to win it!

  • @Agatello totally agree mate as we have said before. Prices drop for no reason but keepers wont drop below whats paid out in the first place except maybe ederson alisson de gea etc.. I could stick my money on gk in saving account. It will do nothing much like what they are doing currently on the index. But one change on here and its a great day. When i first came on to fi it was just the 20p mb payout. Thats it. Ramos was dead money, messi never got much buzz like zlatan etc did, so he wasnt worth it in the short term. But the savvy gambled things would change and some have made serious cash on that gamble.fair play. No one lnew pb would come. Same with gk. People once gambled in the beginning that a start up company called Apple may actually come good.....

  • @NewUser159387 every player is a risk though isnt i t? Zlatan was king of the index, the plummet was spectacular. I imagine people had money in davide astori rest his soul.their money gone in an instant. A couple things ive wondered about, imagine the index being around when beckham was at madrid. He would be the equivalent of pogba in that regard around £14. The day he announces mls, he would have plummeted losing people serious money. Or when neymar broke his back, the panic would be unbelievable. I think there is risk everywhere but the reward levels it out. This is why i love the index and love the forum. So many different ideas, personalities and levels of investment!

  • Cantona would have been an epic disaster, he was fairly young in footy terms when he retired full stop, it was a shock. He would have been £20 then to nothing in a day.

  • @Tom77 yes Tom, imagine the index the night he did that kung fu kick! Price crash with a mb win! Maradona would have been a gold mine, i think di canio would have been an expensive hold!

  • @Finlay77 Imagine the index being around when Rooney was 16 at Everton and scored against Arsenal. I would love to see an English player of that level but where they are making headlines for the wrong and right reasons. If he was 16 again and on here we would have 15 years of him hitting MB after MB and PB. Mbappe is 19 and £11, but Rooney at 19 and English at Man U would be £25 I bet. I would actually buy him at that price aswell.

  • @HappyLarry59855 it would have been ridiculous wouldnt it? Those years of ron and roo, taking it in turns winning pb and mb. No one else would have had a chance. Then the winker incident. 3 weeks of those two winning it solely between themselves.!

  • Dwight yorke would have been a media magnet too. luis suarez when here would have been media gold when he was a bit peckish on a couple of occasions 😂

  • Avoid goalkeepers mate. Stick to the attacking players.. if you want defensive players pick the best

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