In at the wrong time...

  • I initially put money in in June 2016 but got out as it was a bit of a mess back then. I've just got back in but I'm seeing and reading a lot of disgruntled posts especially regarding the "G&A" bonus? What effect has the G&A thing had? Should I get out again or stick at it...

  • @parkins7 Hi you are similar to me. I started February 2017, and then left in April 2017. I came back in September 2017 and everything had changed. If I had stayed in I believe I would have doubled or trebled my money, but anyway.

    Since Goal and Assists announcement my portfolio went down 7%, including me selling players, to then go for goal scorers and assist players. I still haven't recovered and made up that 7%.

    I believe this is because people are unsure around the goal and assist dividends so are not ploughing in too much money, plus the international break means lack of football so not many rises in PB players. Thirdly there are no deposit bonuses on at the moment so people aren't going to plough in lots more money at the moment. Fourthly I believe players have hit their ceiling value and so people don't wish to invest more money at this time until dividends are double and there is a share split. Just my opinions.

    I would suggest to you to stick around. I think things will only get better and there will be a dividends increase soon or some exciting news that will mean our portfolios rise highly.

  • Take any player you had in 2016 and work out how far up you would have been if you held. That should pretty much answer that . Its an early stage product there's going to be ups and downs. The G&A dividend announcements were somewhat of a clusterfuck i cant deny but PB players still have the same value as before just a lot of people chasing the shiny new dividend . I just treat it as a bonus on new holds. Topping up on defenders has served me very well the last month and FI is still beating my actual stock portfolio by a heinous amount.

  • Basically far to many people don't have the patience to actually stick to their plan and be profitable on the index.

  • I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that now is probably a good time to put money into the Index.

    The market is flat and prices feel relatively surpressed.

    If you pump in a few thousand now (with a mix of MB prospects, PB prospects, some young talent and a few January transfer prospects), i’d be surprised if you don’t see significant growth by April. That’s what i’ve done anyway.

    Although i’m a big critic of the G&A dividend, it has taught me that my portfolio probably wasn’t balanced enough to cope with bumps in the market.

  • @ocs123 I thought the same as you. It’s like we’ve hit rock bottom. Hopefully we’re right..

  • Wow, this seems even more true than 3 days ago now! My modest 1% profit has been completely wiped out in the last 24 hours. Is everyone panic selling because of the announcement? Had some huge drops!

  • @parkins7 said in In at the wrong time...:

    Wow, this seems even more true than 3 days ago now! My modest 1% profit has been completely wiped out in the last 24 hours. Is everyone panic selling because of the announcement? Had some huge drops!

    This is strange. My portfolio performs well when everyone else's tanks...this happens regularly.

  • @parkins7

    My portfolio has gone up over last 2 days and I dont even own any GK's!

  • @TheSleepingGiant

    me either. If i did own a goal keeper it would be David Von Ballmoos but that's just because of his name.

  • Im up over the last few day's no gks but i bought heavily into defenders after the recent drop and they've been moving along nicely.

  • People are quick to create posts on here when things are not going well. Too many people whose glass if half empty. When they have a good day they dont create a positive post so it looks like FI is not doing well. It is, its on the up so jump in.

  • @Harmonica It was just a general question. I dont know much about what has been going on, I didnt research before I came back in, for example had no idea about G&A or any upcoming announcements... So i was just asking the question.

  • @parkins7 I was replying to your question buddy, not having a go at you creating this post.......

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