Does Index Edge Really Beat the Market?

  • The friendly and helpful trader HappyLarry59855 claims this analysis tool helps him make an average of £1.5k each month in this thread:

    Three weeks after I started trading on the FI on Bank Holiday Monday in August 2018, there was a crazy bull market (sharply rising shares) on 20 September, a day before the London Meet. I had about 57 or 58 players on my portfolio, but nearly half of them was in the red after three weeks: Mane, Kane, Firmino, Salah, Arnautovic, etc. I was looking to hold these players for the long term, believing they would eventually come good. But a day before the Meet, I decided to gamble and do something different to see what would happen. I sold all the players who was in the red, thus halving my portfolio and using the proceeds to boost all the remaining players. As I said, the 20 September was a crazy bull market day. The prices of all my remaining players: Ronaldo, Hazard, Messi, Richarlison, Piatek, Neymar, Lo Celso, etc continually rose steeply. I made a profit of about £1900 and withdrew £1.4k, nearly my take home monthly salary when I was working. But a couple of days afterwards, the market became a bear (sharply falling prices) AND HAVEN'T BEEN THE SAME SINCE.

    Yes, there have been very short gains, but the market has been relatively flat for the past three months. You cannot make money on a flat or falling market.

    Yet HappyLarry59855 claims to make more than a thousand each month. Is Index Edge really that good? Is there anyone else making the same monthly profits as HappyLarry59855 using Index Edge and other strategies? E.g. buying cheap younger players with potential to play regularly in the first team. Please, enlighten us!

  • I'm also having a bad time invested £350 2 months ago,still in profit by£17,it's not a loss but not the gain I was somewhat expecting.I must admit it could be a lot more but I sold J Sancho at £3.80 10 shares won't buy him back,but hey ho lets get £50 by Christmas.

  • It all depends on how many futures he has in mb players. If he has 1000 hazard or pogba for example thats £50 on a single day. Considering there are maybe 6 players who take turns winning over a weekly basis with the odd random mb winner, those £50 seriously add up

  • @Finlay77 so really it a rich mans game, the most futures I hold in 1 player is 10,now that would only make me 50p? So you really need big bucks to trade, I also understand you can loss more,but if I only had a few thousand pounds my investment could surely do better with MB

  • No It doesn't

    Index edge is just a tool it's not some magic profit machine.

    It's up to you to use it right and get the best out of it in which ever way suits your strategy

    Being successful on the index is all about strategy and risk

  • @NewUser177482 i cant afford to buy 50 shares in one of those big guns, let alone in 4 or 5. If you havent got the initial huge investment in mb players to then use the dividends to start buying other players, you have to think of other ways to do it.

  • @Londoner there are plenty of data products out there. Mine, edge, scout, gain. All will help you be a better trader. For a free sample of my product email

    £1 a month basic, £2 a month premium

  • @Noirx4 said in Does Index Edge Really Beat the Market?:

    @Londoner there are plenty of data products out there. Mine, edge, scout, gain. All will help you be a better trader. For a free sample of my product email

    £1 a month basic, £2 a month premium

    Does your product help you to make £1k a month or more?

  • @Londoner said in Does Index Edge Really Beat the Market?:

    @Noirx4 said in Does Index Edge Really Beat the Market?:

    @Londoner there are plenty of data products out there. Mine, edge, scout, gain. All will help you be a better trader. For a free sample of my product email

    £1 a month basic, £2 a month premium

    Does your product help you to make £1k a month or more?

    That's a very subjective question - it's all about the % you make. How much have you deposited into the index?

    I've been on here since mid April this year. I signed up to Noir's data fairly early on and I have currently got a 72% return on my initial investment, so definitely worth the money for me.

  • @Finlay77 If you read thread from the link above (i dont think so...) and know little bit about HappyLarry so you should know that he doesnt sit on BIG GUNS/MB players ...

    That why people are curious how he's returning this sort of money?!What kind of strategy he's using and how Index Edge helped him achieve that kind of profit?!Because anyone who will put 20k+ on MB players can gain 50£ div a single day - easy with no problem mate at all - but that all of us know!!

  • @Mundek I can remember when Mount was around £1.50ish and I was saying he would be around £4 soon. He rose as high as £3.60. Pick the ones with high potential and seem well priced.

  • @Londoner

    RE: My way of Dealing with this volatile market
    @Matt-FI I withdraw £900 a month as that covers living costs. £600 stays in and adds to it.
    The past 3 months I have made just over £3k. Goal and Assists dividends made me lose out by around £1.5k though, including commission and instant sell losses as I sold up defenders and non scoring midfielders. Otherwise it would be £4.5k.
    I'll be happier when the share split happens and the dividends increase soon after. I will admit however I am very lucky to have discovered this platform and it makes life easier currently. I am hoping to climb up-to around £100k in the long run as then I can go on to buy property and create myself a passive income so that I don't have to rely on work.
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    I have explained the goal and assists has affected me. I also am not seeing high rises at the moment either. I would be on track with what I have said however if it wasn't for spanners getting thrown in.

  • @Londoner

    There are only 2 ways to make a profit on FI;

    1. Capital growth - buying players as cheap as possible & selling as & when you believe they have almost exhausted any rise then rinse & repeat

    2. Dividend/Bonus income - "Free money" by either winning MB or PB or bonus (I also include any deposit bonus/ G&A type promos)

    Any tool that helps identify the correct players to fit either or both these categories will clearly help but ultimately timing of any trades will determine how profitable they are. I believe there are probably only a couple of hundred players worth holding for dividends & possible a similar number for capital growth so 75% of FI listed players are essentially worthless so avoiding them SIGNIFICANTLY increases your chances of turning a profit. Football knowledge is clearly helpful but not strictly essential IMHO but neither is slavishly following a data type product, any trading activity depends on a mixture of all of them with a bit of instinct & luck throw in for good measure.

    Ultimately there's no right or wrong of making money on FI & different opinions are what drives the marketplace, learning & identifying what drives the trends & behaviour of the market is just as important as the raw data but if you aren't confident in your own abilities in any specific area then why not buy in the expertise.

  • @Londoner Football Index Edge or @Noirx4 have never claimed to guarantee anyone a specified level of profit, and overall market conditions are always going to affect the ability of any individual to consistently make money. Happy Larry has mentioned on several threads that his portfolio value has also been dropping in the last couple of months. So I suppose the answer to your question is no, Edge and other data services are not that good, in that they won't guarantee you huge profits under all circumstances, but to be honest I don't think anyone (even Larry) ever claimed that.

    That doesn't mean they're no use, however. The more data you have at your disposal, the better your chances of making logical, informed decisions, and therefore the better your chances of at least keeping your head above water when the market is struggling, and indeed of making healthier profit than many others when things are going well. Nevertheless, ultimately it's still about how you interpret the data and whether you're able to accurately predict future trends, because (disclaimer time) "Past performance is no guarantee of future results". Add to that the fact that this is technically a gambling platform rather than an investment one and it should be clear that there's no definitive path to a certain level of long-term profit.

  • I have Index Edge purely for Price v Average PB score.

  • @Londoner I think this perception has been skewed. HappyLarry can confirm but from reading and contributing to this forum for over a year I believe he bought into young players and like the rest of us that have been here for more than 6 months has benefited from a sharp rise in the market and a rising tide gathers all boats. So those returns have been pretty standard. I have many players that have had over 100% gains and the best ones over 200% or 300%. I will add it's capital appreciation he's talking about not real money in dividends so he would have had to have sold up part of his portfolio to take out that money. I joined in August 2017 and the returns have been very satisfying. He has only since switched to Edge in the last week as his portfolio of primarily young players has taken a bit hit in recent weeks and it sounds like he got fed up or panicked over the recent losses and is changing strategy to pb players to provide some income for a recent job loss . So please don't think that he has made these gains from using a data product that is not the case. It is mainly due to joining at a time when the market grew massively and so even someone knowing little to nothing about football could have made money by guessing which players to pick. Every single person's portfolio other than successful short term traders will have likely taken a hit recently as that's the way the market has moved but it will be back. It is normal this time of year for people to take out money after the massive gains, 3 promotions in short succession and of course Xmas coming up the market will have some money taken out of it as standard.

    Data products give you historical pb and mb data. I use them to take the luck out of winning pb/mb as this for me is the real money that comes to me day in day out. Capital appreciation isn't real money unless you release it into your bank account, until that point it is only a number on your FI dashboard. I can confirm from using data products to pick PB players my win rate so far this season is 49% (at one point is was 60%). That meaning that from each PB day played so far this season I have had 1 or more players win 49% of all days played. For me past pb performance does give the edge on future performance and this is why I use data products. But it does help having neymar messi and ronaldo in my portfolio too!

    The market will boom again. My advice is to prepare your portfolio and to sit and wait it out because I assure you in 1 years time new users will be seeing you as one of the lucky ones for joining at a good time. Also for the very long term one day when the market matures, the only real way to make money will be from short to medium term trading - something I'm starting to get good at but by no means mastered.

  • Just remember you never have the cash until you sell a player. At some point you need to trade and move your money around or sell up and leave. Things switch around around all the time.

  • I've doubled my money in a year using a variety of strategies and IMO the FI data products (of which Edge is one) are most helpful if you're looking for PB players likely to give the best returns

    However, in the last year the only time I maxed out on PB players was at the bottom of the PB players' end of season dip in May - using an FI data product I figured out that the most attractive players from a PB return/price perspective would offer 25%+ returns over the following season - so I bet the ranch on those players in May thinking I'd have to wait out the summer but they gave massive price returns over the summer to the point where I sold most of them prior to them earning any PB!!

    So to answer the OP's question - the key is to know how to use an FI data product as a tool at the right moments - and right now I don't think PB players will beat the market since as an asset class they look expensive to me - you might get 10% in PB dividends but at that ROI you won't get capital appreciation

  • @Mr-Matt I joined edge 3 months ago. I have attacking young players. I haven't won and am not winning much PB. My portfolio went down today aswell. I think my returns are average.
    You've failed to understand me I am afraid. I haven't changed strategy and gone for PB players and given up on my young players and got fed up or panicked either. For 3 months I have used edge. August I sold a lot of young players and replaced them with new but still young players. I have kept roughly the same players for a while now, and continue to whilst using edge, which I have over the past 3 months to help find the right players. I am not worried by a stagnating period as it is because of the international break and I believe because player prices have hit their highest under the current dividend structure.
    I own Weah, Sarr, Mukiele, Diaby, Pulisic, Traore, Oyarzabal, Bamba, Brandt, Chiesa, kalu, Vlasic, Maolida, Ndiaye, Gomez, Ruiz, Mbappe, Nelson, Malcom, Hernadez and Mendez. All these are young players. What is your point?

  • A bad carpenter with the best tools is still a bad carpenter.

    We all have access to the same data, yet we have winners and losers.

    Don't blame the tools. Look at yourself. Maybe you're not just that smart.

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