• Morning all, just updating my portfolio this morning and noticed some unusual activity on a lot of my spreads-some shortened and some widened. Only been on a couple of months and these have been fairly stable since then apart from the odd 1 or 2. I'd say this morning at least 10 have seen the spreads altered. Any reasons? Or is this a quarterly thing, monthly thing, etc.

  • I noticed that too this morning, as a Ronaldo holder im delighted to see his spread back down to a fair level.

    Not sure what the formula is or how its calculated though as there seems to be no consistency between spreads

  • @Wilba Amongst other factors in their algorithm, I was wondering if some is to do with volume trading. If other large spreads are staying the same, then it might point to CR being not so popular due to current allegations/age. Just a guess tho. (CR 5%, Pog 8%).

  • @Ollie quite possibly, or it could be completely reversed and that not as many people are trying to sell and FI feel they are carrying less of a financial burden hence reducing the spread.

    Take pogba for example, I presume theres a shed load of futures in the sell queue and FI dont want to reduce the spread as that will make more people IS resulting in them taking the financial burden. In an ideal world for FI we all just buy and sell off each other and FI take a slice of commission each time

  • @Wilba Football Index make more money if we instant sell but it probably depletes the pot of money they have set aside for IS.

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