£600 invested £5 down

  • Have messed around with small amounts since FI first game about.

    I’ve purchased £600 worth of players. Probably about £20 players in total.

    This was two weeks ago. I’m down about £5.

    My intention is mid term. Maybe 3 weeks. Maybe end of season.

    Anyone else find 2 weeks on FI to seem like a lifetime? The red on players can get you down and your head can say sell and reinvest if there’s no movement or u. The red but I’m feeling always think about why you invested in a player in the first place. I’m not giving in and panic selling! That’s a mistake I made when I first started trading. Patience is key I believe. Opposite to what society is these days with everything instant.

    Finally do you have an exit strategy for your trades?

  • *3months / end of season

  • @Rob I always have an exit strategy for my trades as I think it's essential to avoid the very problems you seem to be having (i.e. constantly wondering whether and when to be selling). The main thing is to have a clear idea of why you're buying a player in the first place (e.g. attractive upcoming fixtures, they're an MB magnet and triple media is coming up, they're likely to get transfer rumours in January, etc.). Then the selling point more or less takes care of itself (in the above examples: when the good run of fixtures is coming to an end, before the end of triple media, before the end of the transfer window). And I certainly wouldn't be too worried about being less than 1% down in the current tricky market - stick with it and the rewards will come!

    Edit: It occurs to me that all the examples I've given are pretty short-term, obviously you can also have a longer-term exit strategy of selling at the end of the season if you anticipate a dip in PB players then, for example - it all depends on the trade and the trader.

  • @Rob yeah stick with it. £5 is nothing in the scheme of things. Ppl on here don’t bang on about patience for no reason- it’s very tempting to sell and jump around players if your not seeing green. And then the player you’ve just sold goes up.

  • I was £200 down after my first 2 months. Patience is everything. 10 months on and I'm at 60% profit. Really does reward patience and belief in the reasons you bought those players.

    At the same time, research is everything. Think 1 step ahead, always. That's where you'll find the real value.

    Good luck mate!!

  • It really depends how much money you actually want to make.

    I see people talking about treble figure percentage profits in just a few months which is great if you have the time/knowledge which I don’t.

    I’m just shy of 20% post commission profit off a £150 investment which I started just before the World Cup. I’ve managed that simply by having good knowledge of a select few teams, a few insider titbits from some mates of mine and anticipating PB/MB payouts. I only have enough money invested to buy max 10 lower value futures or 1/2 high value but you can still make a decent profit from it. Don’t be worried by lots of reds, the majority of the time things will turn around at least enough to break even so you can sell up and reinvest elsewhere.

  • @Murph Probably best not to over-egg any "insider tidbits" you've been getting. There are laws against that kind of thing.

  • Also, reds/greens isn’t the only indication of how your portfolio is doing. I wouldn’t underestimate how handy it is to have a few heavy MB hitters. Due to my relatively small investment, I’ve only got a couple of Messi’s, a couple of Pogba’s and a couple of Hazard’s - they’re regularly in the news and good for MBs. Even though I only get between 2-20p per buzz win, it keeps the money ticking over nicely and as a result >5% of my portfolio value is from these little and often wins.

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