What player would you put you're house on?

  • So we're all aware there's plenty of chatter about future talent but my question is considering all the young players out there which is the one player... you'd put you're house on being successful at the highest level? - I'm talking Neymar, Messi, Mbappe level

    I'll kick it off...1/ Lucas Paqueta - Complete attacking midfielder, 21 years old, signed for AC Milan starting in January - sure to light up the Italian league any day now! In my eyes he's got way too much skill not to be an elite level player in the years to come...

    Honourable mention to Frankie de Jong who I'd rate very highly also...

  • I think I'd go with harry Kane, I know he's been stagnant and his media could be better but stick your house on what a rollercoaster you'd be on 😂he'll get you goals you'll have some wild celebrations

  • RASHFORD, Gets stick buts that the manger he plays for, always lights up England though. 10 years left at the top at least.

    Nothing to prove, played at all levels, only getting better.

  • I am not a house but if I were to put 'my' house on a young player rather than gamble it on a Brazilian who's never played in Europe (yet) I would instead chuck it all on an English youngster with the world at his feet...

    Jadon Sancho for me the reasons why he has 'sex appeal' and within the three year time span I expect him to generate more growth especially if he moves to one of England's top clubs... If he doesn't the speculation will just keep growing regardless.

    Also on the radar would be Vinny Junior who I see becoming the new generation of star at Real Madrid... Kylian Mbappe I suppose could not be regarded as 'the next Kylian Mbappe' but remember he's still only 19 despite already conquering Wolrd Cup final football!!!!

    As well as my house i'll put YOUR house and my holiday home on those three and i'm sure they'll provide me with enough revenue to live happily ever after!!!

  • Been a while - Chalobah

  • @dannypea Couldn't have put it better myself!

  • Mbappe for me.

  • @HappyLarry59855 No doubt Mbappe will increase over the years but difficult to go heavy on him when he is already £11.86..

  • @NewUser50555 probably be a share split so maybe worth loading up now?

  • Wayne Rooney

  • Right now, Szczesny! H
    This time next week you'll have a caraven as well. Live in the caravan and stick the house on Sancho or Reiss Nelson.

  • After painfully watching mbappe rise without getting a piece of the time action because the consensus at the was he was crap at pb, up against neymar etc. I would have to say my pick would be Vinicius Junior. All it took was a good world cup and Mbappe shot up a tonne. I believe Junior already being on the subs bench for arguably the best team in the world, already scoring goals and assists, just turned 18 and the man tipped to take over Neymars shoes - he is the one for me. Neymar's true price today if you factor in the original share split is £62.88. If Junior makes half of that I'm very happy. And to be fair that statement alone makes any future share split look very exciting to those that are invested into FI as of now.

  • Griezmann

  • @Mr-Matt Agree VJ is a great shout, although for me Sancho is my no brainer at this point in time.

  • currently id like to drop a house on Lukaku !!! singlehandedly he is driving me towards a food bank !!!

  • @Boing-Boing Humour and adversity - the perfect match!

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