Trading suspension tommorow?

  • What is the purpose, does anyone actually know?.. what announcements are they going to make?

  • I think it’s to stop a big sell off. Any announcement will make some traders panic. That half an hour will allow traders to have a good think about next steps without the prices instantly going crazy and making rash decisions. I think it’s a good thing

  • @Rob okay cheers mate that makes a lot of sense.

  • Very good idea by FI. Look at the last announcement. GKs goes crazy (not FIs fault) then goal scorers go crazy, most people hadn't even read the accouncement yet because the website crashed(FIs fault) and started buying anyway, because that was the way the market was going. Then we spotted the "wrong date"(FIs fault) there was a massive sell off, then FI corrected the start date, then there was move buying. All this resulted in some massive losses for alot of people(FI fault).

    I'm all for the suspension.

  • Yep i'm all for it... thanks to our outburst on the last launch and them now listening they are acting like a competent professional business and I salute that!!!

    This for me gives FI more credibility and it helps lose that sense of 'Del Boy earn money at all costs' image that sometimes portrays them!!!

    Well done FI, and well done on the pre-announcements too!!! Nice to be informed!!!

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