What is this share split in simple terms i kept reading?

  • i have £110 in now in 11 weeks and have 1 -3 shares in a few players.
    So stay this happens end of the season june 30 2019 for example does it mean my profile will still show £107.48 value ect that it says now( i know £2.52 down but learning).
    but change from
    1x harry winks @ 2.68 current value will then say 3x harry winks @ 0.89
    will all players divide by 3 but you will get the amount back in futures of a player.
    so you wont become richer or poorer and it would be harder to sell as the amount is more .
    As im aware i cant afford top players depositing £10 each saturday but is this to try and temp me into putting more into FI because they are now reachable and then in total have more money invested.

    what about when it says price history does that all reset on share split?

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