New penny stocks announced

  • So they've announced the new penny stocks on twitter for tomorrow. Most seem overvalued to me

  • I won't be buying any

  • @NewUser56882 most players are expensive, but tekpetey for 0,10 is very cheap. And also Joel Pereira. I think both have great potential.

  • Only cheap if their next move is to a team in the Top 5 leagues and playing regularly.

    Neither will win jack sh*t playing in the Austrian League or brief appearances in the Carabao Cup.

    I've highlighted 4 players that "might" go up at IPO, 10 that might float around the launch IPO and 36 that are destined to plummet quicker that Ravel Morrison's career!

  • Not buying any at the ipo launch price, I have 5 to monitor and if they drop I would be interested. The rest are pretty dire to be honest or way overpriced.

  • @NewUser38991 check the latest rules mate before you jump on the potential bandwagon.

    No appearance in any of the 7 main comps within a year could equal deletion and loss of investment.

    I can understand retirement but lomg term injury or loan spell shouldn't warrant a wipeout.

  • Wow shocking move stay away from long term holds.

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