FI should be used by Managers/ Players/ Scouts

  • Just imagine players comparing prices in the dressing room, or scouts looking for a PB media magnet? Are there any other resources which track players media articles? Curious to know.
    Managers could use it as motivation - 'you think you' re worth £12 a future? More than the goal machine Harry? '

    Managers on a tight budget could use FI for scouting? Or finding that Brazilian wonderkid linked with AC Milan.

    On a more serious note, any mention would be a fantastic endorsement and I wonder if any of the players are aware or check their prices now and then? Curious..

  • The Ferret is absolutely raging

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市 I think clubs will have better resources then looking on FI.

    As for managers using players prices as motivation....

    Manager: "you think you' re worth £12 a future? More than the goal machine Harry?"

    Player: "Ya because I'm going to get my agent to link me with Mancheter United and do loads of crazy shit to keep me in the media. All about the MB dividends boss"

  • don't think i've not touted the ferret to everybody i know (in and out of the game) already!!!

    like football manager all those years ago and now fifa 19 (where Piatek recently said he checked to find out the names of his Genoa team-mates) i think any 'resourceful' product/website like this can only be of help to widening your knowledge to new players... I would have considered myself as quite knowledgeable on the global market previous to FI but nothing on some of you guys on here who continue to pump new names i've never heard of which leads me to good old google and researching players i otherwise wouldn't!!!

    The difference in this and video games is we can get an understanding of players performing through price rises and check markets through what they are doing in real life... I'm sure its all open to corruption though because if i worked for the rags i would start my own transfer story on Advincula 'just because'...

  • Market Manipulation. Could never happen.
    Do have a sneaky feeling Mini Raiola had Pogba futures.

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