Planning Ahead

  • I have a fairly diverse portfolio that does consist of Pogba, Mbappe, Neymar and Salah (The 'big boys'). Although I intend to hold for the long-term, I realised it would be good to have an exit plan.

    My concern with these guys is that the spread is too large for me to want to instant sell unless I absolutely must. I've heard that some people have the likes of Pogba in sell queues for weeks? Is this true, and how would you go about selling these guys having decided on packing your bags, particularly if there was a significant crash.

    Any advice is welcomed.

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  • @Lukeroro sorry?

  • In a genuine reply, just keep your portfolio varied. When GA began it wiped out most of my profit and I was sickened to see my young defenders out valued by Glenn Murray. I've learnt and have a decent variety.

    As far as an exit strategy is concerned, I haven't yet got one. I believe FI is getting bigger and even a poor portfolio will grow with all round growth.

  • @Lukeroro Absolutely agree with variety, which was my plan from the get-go to spread risk. However, there will always be an optimal time to sell a player when deciding to withdraw everything, and I'm not sure when that time would be with one of the big boys and how to go about it ( if I'm in a sell queue for weeks, a player could fall to a price much below what i wanted to sell at). Let's just hope it's onwards and upwards then, starting tonight!

  • @Lukeroro I've only just clocked hahaa good one. It actually stands for my initials and then my favourite number, unsurprisingly.

  • Really what's the worst that can happen??

    Pogba loses form = MB
    Pogba gains form = MB/PB
    Pogba stays at MU = MB/PB
    Pogba leaves MU = MB

    Mbappe within 12 months will go to Real Madrid or Barcelona
    Neymar within 12 months will go to Real Madrid or Barcelona
    Salah within 12 months might lose some form...

    They are all currently likely to continue to create buzz and my 'exit' strategy would be based on where they are at during each transfer window??? So Pogba leaves Man Utd this Jan... GET OUT... Pogba leaves Man Utd in the summer... GET OUT...

    Mbappe signs for Real Madrid... Stay IN... Neymar signs for Barcelona again... STAY IN...

    Salah is the only tricky one as he needs to keep scoring to keep generating buzz whilst the others above probably less likely?.. He'll prob stay at Liverpool but will bo doubt be interesting Real Madrid and Barca... I would say IF in profit and his form dips get out... IF in profit and he moves on get out...

    Good to have strategy on every player you buy... some are often form dependent whilst others, like Pogba regardless of form will always generate interest!

  • With players in my portfolio, I have a rough price I'd like to sell at or I sell because there is another player with more profit potential I want to directly invest in.

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