New terms and conditions

  • Read them from another computer. Do not accept until you understand them.

  • can't see anything too exciting in them.

  • @Pork i will accept them for sure. Why should I loose money? I have made a ton of money (i m an early user on FI) on FI. And i m sure i will do it also in the future. There are players from tomorrow on for 0,10 which i think can go to at least 1 ....

  • People need to remember this is a gambling site. Theres a lot of del boys walking round with their filofax

  • I'm a bit confused with regards to the 'retirement' section. I understand if a player does retire you will lose any shares in that player but it says if they haven't played in the last year they will also be deleted.

    The answer may be obvious but I understand the to mean that all championship players, long term injuries and youth players will be deleted unless they transfer to a prem or European club and start playing?

    Does everyone think the same? Find this a bit sneaky.

  • @NewUser73132

    So much for plucking the next big talent. There are a couple of youngsters in championship that I'm sure will make it in prem in next few years but 12 months means its not worth the risk

  • I sent a private message to the customer services on twitter and they replied saying it only refers to players who haven't played competitive football in the last 12months.

    Doesn't really clarify what I was asking so I've gone back to them to confirm whether it means competitive football for clubs eligible to win performance buzz points or competitive football for any club in the world.

  • Ok so I've had another reply and the customer service team have said that players in the championship or any other league will not be deleted from FI provided that they have played a competitive game in any league with in the last 12 months.

  • @NewUser73132

    Good news. Thanks for sharing.

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