Different approach

  • Is fi steering away from big boys and growth a bit, and pretty much going down the route of monthly bets in a way for goals etc.? And is picking up cheap midfielders and strikers the new way forward to make cash.

  • @NewUser125687 I think that they are hoping it will and that people will pull their money from the big boys as this would delay them having to share split.

  • It’s just another feature, nobody has to do it.

    A lot of people want a quicker gambling fix and this a way of doing it.

    Traders who like the investor approach wont go near it.

  • I have a very small gambling pot only a tenner it’s up to 13.97 and got a larger pot for those long term youngsters and the other half of my portfolio is transfer specs for January! But went my gambling pot in on Falcao today all 13.97 of it! But I split my most of my in two half’s quality youngsters and specs

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