Reserve Price

  • If you put the reserve price a few pence under the market price does the player sell quicker? Is the lower price the then priority in the selling list?

  • @Rob don't think so, think it will sell at normal market price, but if the price drops and your reserve still covers then it will still sell, whereas if you put let's say £3 and the market price goes below that, then it should not sell, but that reserve is useless anyway, it's sold my futures below reserve price.

  • I'm dubious about their selling order, and believe that if you are prepared to sell a bit cheaper via a reserve price then they will bump you up the list and gain the extra few pence

  • In my experience, it doesn’t matter how high or low you set the resverve price, your futures will sell at whatever the buy price is at the point of sale (once they’ve reached the front of the queue).

    Basically the reserve function doesn’t work, so don’t rely on it.

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