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  • Hi,

    New to FI , im looking at investing in Harry Kane but am wondering if any experienced users have seen if players leaving premier league to big clubs (coutinho - barcelona) results in slow decline in players price the year following as may not quite get in the media buzz winners as much as premier league ?

  • Usually it's a big price spike as the transfer rumours gather pace, then a collapse in price immediately as the deal is confirmed.

    The only caution I'd urge is it's likely Kane would still attract MB, unlike Coutinho, because he's English - and not just for England games either - although perhaps not quite as much MB as here. That said, Tottenham aren't Liverpool/Man Utd in their ability to attract MB for their players.

    So I would expect a sharpish price drop post-transfer, but it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't as harsh as Coutinho's. If it is as sharp as Coutinho's I would expect a slow rise afterwards (as happened with Coutinho when people realised his PB potential).

    But there are so many variables here the above is just conjecture. Kane could change role in a new team to one worse or better for PB, he could play for a manager worse or better for PB, he could realise potential unrealised as Spurs and score twice as many goals. Who knows!? :)

  • Hazard to madrid then?, I think he is overpriced now, if he moves to madrid what’s his price?

    He’s not exactly a neymar or pogba ( loves attention) gets on with his job so I dont think ther would be loads of news stories about him.

    PB would be his price but at Madrid he wont be the main man as there are other game changers ( although they are all pretty dire at the moment ).

  • @Tom77 for me he's def be main man at Madrid given their current situation. Although a return to confidence may kick start their under performing high quality players.

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