Changes we need to see asap!

    1. We need to see the length of holding on our current portfolio players
    2. Need to be sharper & more efficient with the (Current Team/Loaned Out) Bernard Tekpetey for example isn't playing at schalke this season like stated
    3. Would be nice to see some more opta data about players performances added along side price graphs
    4. Upcoming & or Recent Fixtures would be a real handy tool to be implemented somewhere on the site

    Just a few from myself, curious to know other traders opinions on these topics or their own.

  • Agreed with the above, I also would like to see the daily/weekly movement of prices "within" my portfolio of each player.

  • When players are bought at different times with different prices, it would be good to see them as separate trades, so you clearly know how much profit/loss from each transaction.

  • Slow start again today.

  • You need to keep your own spreadsheet with your purchases, there are some templates on the internet specific for Football Index which you can download for free, you just need to search for them.

  • @Northtown-Claret These trades are in the Transaction History. The only problem is they use a 12-hour clock and don't record whether the purchase is a.m. or p.m. Surely this could be fixed.
    I've noticed that I've lost my Watch List since the changes. It would be better if this were stored server-side, since watch lists on different browsers and different devices do not synchronise.
    The best change they could make to the site, in my opinion, would be to make the Football Index banner much smaller and get rid of the silly pictures above the headings. That way I'd be able to see my complete portfolio without having to scroll.

  • I would like to see, the average PB points / per game in the history of each of the players.

  • @NewUser38991 I do a lot of research on this and if they give it away then it levels the playing field and is not fair.

  • @Michael-B I agree with you Michael, here. For any investment you have to do research. Also, I prefer simple uncluttered sites: this one is just about right.

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