Take PB Data sites with a pinch of salt...

  • @BL__FI you are reading it on a whole new level. 😄 It does make for fascinating reading, I agree. And it helps when you understand the bigger picture like you say.

  • @PB-man firstly I need to make a correction. I meant Parejo not Pjanic. The later has actually performed reasonably well in PB this season. Yeah, as you say you can’t just look at the stats and not know the background- new manger, who they are playing has changed, formation etc. Koulibaly for example won PB last year an extraordinary 5 times for such a cheap, obscure player. And this year is pretty anonymous because of the changes around him.

  • @Valhalla Parejo again is one I steered away from, another case of needing to add context to the data. How many goals do you think Parejo scored in open play last season? Zero.

    Six penalties (zero misses) and one freekick. He only took 17 shots from open play in the entire La Liga season. Makes his big scoring look a touch unsustainable when he's solely relying on pens. He has won PB this season though (inevitably a penalty for a GWG) so not exactly a bust.

  • @PB-man see that’s the shit I should of found out. 😏Had no idea he was a penalty junky. How on earth did u find out he took only 17 shots from open play all of last season? You should have been a detective on CSI with that kind of attention to detail.

  • Perisic is another who had some amazing PB scores last season and wins, but nothing this. I flogged in the World Cup one of my good decisions!

    I did the same for a while, looking purely at PB wins, but i recommend looking at base performance score - so excluding whether their team wins/loses and if they scored a GWG. Anyone who scores less than 7-8 total goals per season and their only wins ever come when they score a GWG arent really sustainable for regular PB wins. Yeah a striker who scores 20 will probably have a few GWGs in there.

    I still think th eye test is the best way for football index. When looking for bargains and lesser known players PB analysis is a must, but as you say Sane has never won a penny and look at his price!

  • @BL__FI @PB-man literally the second story I clicked on randomly from today's MB was a BBC one about Kalidou Koulibaly. MB has the headline as; "African Footballer Of The Year: Kalidou Koulibaly's booming header for Napoli"

    Click on the article; it comes up on the BBC website as; "Watch Afoty nominee Koulibaly's booming header for Napoli"

    This is also the headline that shows up on Google News. But RSS feed has extra info so it will show up in more browser searches, and therefore Index's MB, where it will display as such. But that's often not the one we see when we search on Google or the actual website it's from.

  • @Valhalla Whoscored has that data under their detailed tab: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/28186/Show/Daniel-Parejo

    He's taking 0.5 shots per game from open play this season:


    Total stats for this season:


  • @Keegan's-Bluff Ah ok, so the headline you see on the MB list on FI will always have the full name (I thought you were saying that wasn't the case), but the article under the URL might not, now I get you. To be honest I never click on the articles themselves, just scan the headlines in the MB overview, which always includes the full name, hence my confusion.

  • @BL__FI yeah, exactly. So you might Google a story, or open an article in the Mirror and think it's not going to qualify, but it actually does (if it's added to the RSS feed of course).

  • Very good thread here and I'd also add that the Data becomes more valuable as the season goes on, we're only at the end of November remember.

    This season's data will soon show the regular performers and who's likely to go close.

    Last season's data is still useful if things haven't changed or players move to a club with a similar role (Lo Celso was a PB machine when he played last season and his move from PSG to Betis looked a backward step on paper, however he's now playing a lot more, in the more lucrative EL and Betis are possession kings backed up by the stats - so he's now actually worth more in my eyes)

    Finally this summer saw a huge amount of new users who have been buying players based on hype and performance so we're seeing huge rises in players who are highly unlikely to win a PB this season, add to this the new G&A/In Play Dynamics and people are deploying a wide range of trading tactics and might be chasing quicker wins by getting off the tried and tested players, take Banega for example, still performing still winning but his price has stayed relatively static for a while.

    No right or wrong answers but for me I'll be taking more and more notice of the data come January and beyond.

  • @PB-man love reading your posts, so much knowledge. Love it

  • @Agatello I hear you, last year’s stats are an indicator of what “they can do”, but by no means a a nailed on cert for what they will do in the current season. A little bit like finding out your girlfriend cheated on her partner in her last relationship- she’s not defo gonna do it to you, but still good to know. As the season gets deeper the statics start showing trends and the cream rises to the surface. Separating from the occasional winners.

  • @PB-man thanks. I have WhoScored so I will go deeper. Like a mole.

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