Gave up twice......

  • Could be worth borrowing if you knew 100% that there was a bonus around the corner... borrow 10k or have credit card with 10k, when Bonus arrives do the correct procedures, then when you've received the bonus u can withdraw the 10k, pay off the loan 100% and play with the 1k ... I'm not 100% familiar with how UK credit cards work, but I'm sure here in Sweden you pay virtually zero intrest if you pay it off almost directly.... Anybody that sees this as ill advice I'll just say it's not for everyone and obviously a RISK ... but for me it would work, only difference is I'd lose some of bonus on exchange rate.

  • @HappyLarry59855 IMO. I’m not sure I can see either of those happening for a bit. Not after the introduction of in play dividends. There is now extra ‘value’ in players prices due to their capability to win extra divs.

    So with mr ££ himself (Neymar), he’s effectively cheaper at £16 now than he was at £16 a couple of weeks ago before the change was announced.

    So I think there’s a bit more value to be eeked out of players before the split happens. My guess would be around Easter.

  • One things for sure if they do a share split dividends will be halved along with the share split (if its halved), I think some folk think dividends will stay the same. However if we all stick it out for at least a year then dividends will rise again and then we will be quids in, I hope anyway.

  • Mr naive here, what is a share split and how does it work?

    To keep it simple for me, let's just say I have 100 Mbappe's @ £10 before the share split...

  • @NewUser51324 said in Gave up twice......:

    Mr naive here, what is a share split and how does it work?

    To keep it simple for me, let's just say I have 100 Mbappe's @ £10 before the share split...

    all holds will be split into 2 or 4 I would have thought

    your 100 Mbappes would be either:

    200 Mbappes at £5
    400 Mbappes at £2.50

    This will make players seem more affordable but people need to realise that dividends will reduce too, either halved or cut in 4. In reality there will be no additional value for players, they will just seem cheaper on the face of it meaning a boost to the market.

  • @Wilba and great news for us when new traders arrive, as long as they are not put off by low dividends.

  • @Andy-M said in Gave up twice......:

    @Wilba and great news for us when new traders arrive, as long as they are not put off by low dividends.

    They wont know anything else - Im not put off the MB pays out 5p when it used to be 20p, it is what it is and it works for me

  • @Andy-M for me the biggest gamble of all is hoping new traders will arrive, and at a rate that allows for future potential across the board. This way all players, at least those in the top 200 anyway, will surely be good longer term holds...none of us really know what the future holds for each player so, for me anyway, it's all about the prospect of share split and new investment across the board. If no progress by Easter, I will pull all my funds (if my players remain sellable) and move on

  • @Andy-M I think there may be dangers with credit card deposits. I fell foul with a deposit to a poker site, it was shown as a cash advance rather than purchase. Cash advances generally fall outside purchase ‘rules.’
    I’m guessing it’s the same for all gambling sites, would be worth checking before you leap!

  • When the Index eventually plateaus, which it "shouldn't" when the football mad countries are still to get on board (let's face it, Ireland, Sweden and Canada aren't crazy for the beautiful game), then the real trading skill will start to become prevalent. Even today there's players rising 30% on a daily basis and the FOOTIE has stabilised around the 45k mark.

    In one way I can't wait for that because I like testing myself, rather than relying on the FOOTIE to just keep growing as a given.

  • @Wilba

    Thank you that explains it perfectly.

  • @Ringers I won't be using Credit cards mate, I have an apartment that i bought for around 100k and has a value of 200k, so I'd probably take that route if it happens.. was referring to others that really believe in FI and don't have cash in advance, I can fix 20k in days if required and would be paying 1.58% intrest rates. I have 26k invested as it stands and none of it would harm my lifestyle if FI went bust, but I'd probably cry every night for a while 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Braingers As a few of the other lads have said - PAY OFF THE LOAN!!!

  • @Agatello I am different. I don't like testing myself. I use the platform for making money. After all that is what trading is supposed to be about in the first place. When the Footie goes up it is good for me as it generally translates as easy money. When things become too much of a gamble it becomes unsafe in my eyes.

  • @Braingers Share split, big marketing push and order books, new territories etc

    2019 is going to be HUGE. Onwards and always upwards 🚀

  • @NewUser38991 I don't see how order books is a positive per say. It means we set the price we wish to sell at and the other person chooses to buy or not, at least I think. There will be a winner and loser. I don't think it will make a difference to actual profiting personally.

  • @HappyLarry59855

    It will allow you to try to buy players at a lower price than currently and will give you the option to try to sell players quickly at a price that is higher than instant sell prices - ability for all to win

  • @Whadders have you just read the announcement?

  • @HappyLarry59855 🤣🤣 great timing! Shows how much I know!

    Although i did predict Easter, and that might not be far off?

  • @HappyLarry59855 but we ain't trading to be honest, we're gambling mate 🤫

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