• He’ll be back at £2 tomorrow 😂😂 crazy scenes last few weeks. I still think he’ll make the move tbh and if not Milan it’ll be somewhere in Europe

  • @Barkez_86 The greatest recovery in Football Index history!

  • He could also be a £1 tomorrow. No guarantee which way he will go. Panic has set in. He’s a very high risk gamble and by no means an investment.

  • @TeamGB said in Zlatan:

    He’s a very high risk gamble and by no means an investment

    He's worse than that, almost worthless IMHO, at 37 even if he gets a PB league transfer you need to ask the following;

    How many starts will he get? How long a contract will he have, hence limits his PB eligible games?

    How many goal & assists would be possible in his clearly limited game opportunities?

    What possible PB/MB opportunities will he win? (needs to be approx >225 to be MB eligible)

    Even with a super optimistic dividend haul out of those limited chances to offset his current price what happens when his contract expires?

  • I think it’s nothing about his dividend potential. It’s all about people playing a game of flipping him as happened with Rooney. There’s no logic behind it and just pure gambling on making a quick buck.

  • I think it is materially different to Rooney, as Ibrahimovic seems to have a reasonable chance of coming back to Milan for at least some portion of the season. If that happens then he should also pick up MB (presuming he is in the Top200). Whether he WILL pick up enough PB/MB points to win Divs even in that eventuality is debatable, to say the best. If he plays, he will be eligible for GAA Dividends of course.

    Rooney however explicitly stated on a couple of occasions there is no way he was coming back from the US. The whole Rooney debacle was built around him appearing in a non-PB/GAA eligible England friendly, and he was always going to be some way off qualifying for MB for the odd day he picked up stories.

    All that said, be very, very careful if you are speculating on Zlatan - those who are well-versed short-term traders have been using the ongoing situation about his possible transfer for some time. Look at his price chart if you want to see the volatility. Even if a transfer/loan back to Milan (or another PB club) is confirmed, then there will still be lots of selling.

    For inexperienced traders it can be a way of losing a chunk of money quickly, like a few other situations on the Index. Ask anyone who was left holding Rooney, for example.

  • Zlatan wouldnt win any PB and when he was king of the index he was at United. It’s not going to happen again. Also I imagine Milan will be keen to get there new wonder kid fully intergrated into the team (Paqueta) not shuffle in a 37year old.

  • @Barkez_86 i wouldnt recommend to buy him. Way to old in my opinion.

  • Zlatan is great. But why is he bothering with milan. As said above, paqueta coming in means a probable change in formation slightly. Higuain will remain 1st choice forward.zlatan will sit on the bench and get 20 mins every week. The day he signs is the day he goes back under £1. Wouldnt recommend buying now. Fair play to those who bought in around 30p-50p. That was great forward thinking much like keepers pre gk div announcement

  • @Finlay77 zlatan would be worth it to Milan if he just shows paqueta 10% of his class to learn from!

  • @Dan-w need him permanently then as a few weeks isnt enough for me. Dont support utd but loved him coming over here. His autobiography is quality. If you havent read it then do so. I wont mention any parts of it as dont want to spoil incase you havent, but his life and then success i couldnt help loving the guy more!

  • Career over? Achilles injury in training today. Sad for him and for any holders... Leao could benefit though.

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